Who needs a mid-day snack? Our favorite vegan blogger @klean_slate has one for you.
It’s time for a tasty snack with my Farmers Market @narydairy roasted gilroy garlic cashew cheese score and @beanfieldssnacks bean and rice chips! Talk about a hearty and satisfying combo! I mean really, tell me how the vegan struggle is real because from where I’m standing, it never looked better.
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Late afternoon #vegansnacking time! Ciabatta bread with hummus, fresh paprika and tomato slices, olives, tahini, sunflower seeds, served with big cup of barley ‘coffee’ and some grapes. Enough said! 😉😋
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Pre-Mudder vegan snacks. How vegans roll. Prepared! Anxiety, nerves, excitement, flutters Yup. I feel it all. Time to head to San Bernardino and get this show on the road!!) #premudder #veganmudder #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegansnacking #vegansofig #nutrition #cleaneating #Vega #vegabar #gopals #gopalspowerwraps #rawnuts #dairyfree #aquahydrate #fullvegan #plantbased #plantstrong #veganprotein #healthy

Product Finds

Crunchy Bean Versus Crunchy Bean

I took the Saffron Road Crunchy Challenge and won a gift card! 

I want to preface that Saffron Road has a great Non-GMO very crunchy product but they do have a competitor out there. Saffron Road is a healthy, very flavorful chickpea snack that is a great alternative to an overly processed option like chips or fried food. I recently provided the boyfriend with a bag of the falafel flavor for a work trip. He was very pleasantly delighted and happy for the new alternative option.  

But I did win the challenge by knowing that there is another option on the market called the Good Bean Chickpea Snack. Good Bean also retains the crunch, the protein, the flavors and the fiber like Saffron Road. Good Bean has options that aren’t as heavily flavored as Saffron Road which tends to be a little too spicy for me at times. Good Bean has a wider range of options from mild to spicy to sweet but In the end I do purchase both for different reasons.
Saffron Road does pack a punch in flavor which make them a great salad additions and the Good Bean has a sweet cinnamon that I love to add to my SoDelicious Coconut Yogurt. 
Both great options. Both good alternatives and crowd pleasers. Both worth checking out.

From Gastroposter Rachel Schwartzman, via Instagram:

Made a birthday treat for my lady friend willowblamire and her soon to be 8 year old daughter. This batch of vegan brownies were even better than the last. Secret ingredient? Pureed spinach! I added 1/3 of a cup to the batch. It is earth day after all.Topped off with sprinklings of icing sugar to bring sweetness to their upcoming year. (recipe a few posts back)

Spring is in the air and change is coming! I am excited to introduce you all to klean-slate! My passion is finally coming to life. A one stop vegan corner with nutrition knowledge, reviews, what’s going on around us, events, products, recipes and a place where a wonderful community of people can come together to move forward. I welcome everyone from all walks of life to engage. You def don’t have to be vegan to be curious and gain more tools to help you and others around. Spread the word! Namaste. #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganmeal #vegansnacking #vegan #plantbased #plantstrong #plantstrong #whatveganseat #cleaneating #dairyfree #motivation #passion #nutrition #natural #happyhealthy #healthy #health #namaste #mindful

From Gastroposter Rachel Schwartzman, via Instagram:

All day I was dreaming of this peanut butter and jam toast since samsamriva posted it from thewholetara this morning. I finally had a break with patients, made it and devoured it

Reviewed Restaurants


Unassuming to say the least as it is disguised in a small unassuming strip mall on Franklin near the Scientology Church. What does set it apart is the clean simple modern logo above the storefront. As a designer, I tend to notice these things.

When you walk in, you are oddly overwhelmed by the limiting yet interesting selection they carry. They sell, what I assume is their personal favorites of packaged goodies, drinks and frozen foods. I will say though some of their items are a bit overpriced for the same things I can get at Whole Foods and even Sprouts but that tends to happen when you are supporting smaller businesses.

Next, their cafe selection has a nice little array of breakfast items, smoothies, sandwiches and bowls. This time I went for the sprouted bagel with vegan cream cheese, sprouts, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce.

When I got it I decided to eat it there, I was so hungry as I just did a Griffith hike. I was worried the vegan cream cheese would be overpowering in that tofutti kind of way but man was I wrong. The whole thing was amazing. All the flavors worked in unison. The crunchy sprouts of the bagel with the creaminess of the avocado and subtle cream cheese was perfect. I enjoyed every bite without guilt.

There was a recommended item called the “badass” that has a popular reputation that I have to go back for, as well as a few smoothies and a bagel I have been thinking about. Great little stop after a hike.

Morning baking produce and full experience here in upper town. Coffee and muffin🙆☕️🍩 it’s a beautiful day after all!
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