I have a few things I want to say to/about both groups.


1) You need to be willing to admit and accept that not everyone can afford to live the same lifestyle as you. Veganism can be very expensive and time-consuming, depending on where you live, how many hours you work, and how much money you’re bringing in. A lot of people–particularly lower class–don’t have the funds or the time to buy a bunch of (sometimes expensive) ingredients, go home, and make a meal. They have to rely on fast food, because it’s cheap and quick.

2) You need to be willing to admit and accept that humans are omnivorous, and a balanced diet, according to many dieticians, includes meat. It doesn’t have to be a lot of meat, or all meat, all the time, but meat is part of our food pyramid for a reason.

Now, not every person needs to have a balanced diet. Plenty of people can live very long, very healthy lives not having perfectly balanced diets. This is true.

But there are people with medical conditions who may need to have a very specifically balanced diet. I’m one of them, even though I don’t always follow that specifically balanced diet (because I’m a bad boy). We have medical conditions. We can’t help that, much as we wish we could. We’re just following our doctors’ orders.



1) You need to be willing to admit and accept that there are issues in the meat industry. Abuse does run rampant. Animals are being mistreated. Turning a blind eye to this abuse isn’t going to solve anyone’s problems, least of all the animals’.

I care about animals, and I don’t want to see them mistreated.

2) Do your research. If you can afford to buy from small farmers who treat their animals well and give them good lives, do so. I know buying from small farmers isn’t always feasible on a budget (they tend to be more expensive), but just keep it in mind as an option.

If you can afford to support the good guys, do so.


1) Don’t stir shit just to stir shit.

2) Don’t be a fucking asshole.