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anonymous asked:

How often can I enjoy some banana nicecream & oil free banana bread for keeping my weight ? And low fat granola with low fat mylk ? And bread with jam ?

If you read our recent post on Calorie Density you’ll realize that its easy to keep yourself over fueled on more processed plant foods.  We eat those all the time, but we are not trying to lose weight & we are active.  We suggest to save those for the weekends when you can be really active.  We see a lot of people exceed their needs easily on processed healthy plant foods and build a lot of muscle & convert a lot of fat to muscle & get sad and think they are gaining weight, but really you are just following a bulking regiment :)  body builders can learn a lot from that!  If you want to slim down keep it whole to see some results & have fun with the more processed vegan plant foods on the weekends if you are feeling left out or low energy.

The most important thing is we don’t want you to feel hopeless, we want you to experience weight loss, enjoy the food, be able to try fun vegan foods & analyze their effects on your progress.  A lot of people can eat highly processed vegan foods and lose a ton of weight if they are active because even their processed vegan diet is WAY healthier and energy dilute than the fast food they came from.  Its not all of us who can do that & that’s why we are promoting WSLF, because it works for everyone, some need to give it more time & really work on eliminating the junk, but then as you life the proof you can simply add back in more lightly processed foods, still have fun vegan treats with friends & special occasions, live a normal wonderful life eating the most amazing food on the planet, develop a few tricks to make anything healthy & more enjoyable & be a shining example for everyone else stuck in a toxic food environment.