vegans are the devil

The Hardest Part About Being Vegan

It’s not finding vegan restaurant options. It’s not self control around devilled eggs at Christmas. It’s not keeping up your health. It’s not getting in enough calories. It’s definitely not getting in your protein. It’s not finding non-leather shoes. It’s not finding cheap cruelty free makeup.

The hardest thing about being vegan is watching Earthlings with your mother, and not ten minutes after it’s over, watching her prepare chicken for dinner.

It’s hearing nonvegan friends talk about standard factory farm practices and realising that they aren’t ignorant, they just don’t care.

It’s hearing your brother say “they’re just animals” and ordering a lambskin coat online, not caring that it was made out of slaughtered children.

It’s hearing your grandmother laugh out loud while reading about dairy cows being raped so they can begin producing milk.

It’s seeing your pregnant sister eating pork chops, eating a pig’s body, and feeding the tiny helpless life inside her that dead animal body too.

It’s knowing about your fathers dangerously high blood pressure and watching him eat the milky, cheesy, scrambled eggs your mother prepared for him.

It’s hearing a dog-loving classmate say that it is ethically wrong to eat dog-meat, but perfectly okay to eat chickens, pigs, and cows, because she ties what is ethical to what she personally wants.

It’s realising that the world is not as compassionate as you. It isn’t actually as normal as you thought to care about the wellbeing of others. Your heart is abnormally large and the rest of the world is apathetic and cruel. The rest of the world doesn’t care who suffers for their tastebuds.

It’s seeing the selfishness, greediness, apathy, arrogance, evilness, and coldheartedness of humanity and living in it every single day.

I think it’s great that vegan blogs and channels exist to give people resources on how to create simple vegan meals. However, unfortunately these spaces are incredibly white dominated and it can be inaccessible to PoC. One major way this plays out is with white vegans taking traditional ethnic foods and butchering them. For example, I’m Japanese and my dad has owned sushi restaurants my whole life. I’m very familiar with what is traditional and I’m even okay with places that put a modern spin on classic recipes, as long as they understand where these recipes come from. However, when I see white vegans giving their own weird take on these recipes without knowing what flavors traditionally work together I find it frustrating. I’ve seen so many iterations of “vegan sushi” with ingredients that don’t fucking taste good with seaweed, sushi rice, wasabi, etc. Like y'all please stop putting hummus or black beans or whatever the fuck in your rolls. Stop wrapping your rolls in lettuce instead of seaweed and calling it “Japanese” food. Sushi in the west has already been incredibly Americanized with the use of avocado, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients work really well together and I’m super fine with the evolution of Japanese food in the U.S. because it opens the door for some cool innovations and creativity. I went to a sushi place once with a whole vegan menu that substituted soft shell crab in their spider roll with panko fried oyster mushrooms and it was an incredibly smart and inventive substitute. But dear lord please don’t put ingredients in that don’t fucking taste good together and post it on your blog calling it sushi 💁🏻


Haha so you can definitely see the color scheme theme here

My ostara gathering was nice but I guess to be honest I was disappointed that everyone seemed to be dealing with hardships this week so people canceled at the last minute or they showed up but their energy was not centered due to stress even after grounding. The people who came still liked the ritual and gathering since they said it helped them feel more positive. We did a growth spell with pepita seeds that we would charge one with intent to grow something and swallow or bless one and give to our friend to take in.

For food I brought a gardens worth of spring vegetables. I made steamed asparagus and string beans, tzatziki salad, snap peas, fennel, brocolli sprouts, butter lettuce with mustard vinaigrette, microgreens for garnish, garlic and chives hummus and pepita seeds. My friend made delicious quiche cupcakes and my other friend bought lavender earl grey tea eggs with mayonnaise and mustard to make deviled eggs. I also made vegan linzer cookies. One was matcha chocolate and the other was violette/chamomile/raspberry. We had spring beer to drink along with a matcha liqueur I made into a creamy cocktail (tastes like an iced alcoholic matcha latte), fresh juiced carrot juice (with apples), and crocus gin which is absinthe mixed with creme de violette, gin and chamomile syrup.

After the ritual we played an egg hunt ostara board game I made. They could collect special eggs with prizes (like candy or special items like crystal rings, crystals, egg tea lights, magical shit etc) and the golden egg was a grand prize of an astrology book (one I was looking at a creative way to give it away) it luckily went to a friend that was looking for an astrology book haha.

Overall it was nice. I’ll be posting pictures individually.
Tomorrow is the last celebration apart of my equinox week!!