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Cleaning the oceans one step at a time

Two Australians created this container that collects plastic, paper, oil, fuel and detergent floating in the ocean. They want to implement it the middle of next year to clean up the sea worldwide. It seems a great idea. The only “but” as always is money, so they are raising funds to get to their goal. You can see their project and donations here.

Just an FYI for those of you who think ‘catch and release’ is humane. Most fish die later anyway due to shock, not to mention having your face punctured by something that is roughly the thickness of one of your bones and then being suffocated for a few minutes could never be considered “humane.” Animals are not your toys, little children. Leave them the fuck alone and find something else to play with.

Things I’ve Learned Since Going Vegan
  • You can slice someone’s throat and still love them. 
  • The word “need” can only also mean “could easily live without but do kinda want.”
  • The word “humane” can mean literally anything you want it to.
  • It’s okay to call people out for harmful behaviour unless that behaviour involves bacon.
  • Plants definitely feel pain and lawns scream when you mow them.
  • Crop workers are exploited but slaughterhouse workers definitely aren’t. No exploitation here, no sir. 
  • Meat is the only food that contains protein.
  • “Found the vegan” is still funny and original the millionth time. 
  • Before humans came along, cows were just wandering around with massive udders praying for someone to invent industrialised agriculture. 
  • Steak is cheaper than beans, rice, pasta and canned vegetables. 
  • While 99% of all meat comes from factory farms, no one eats that meat.
  • Everyone only buys local, organic, humane, Dalai Lama approved meat. 
  • Everyone has an uncle who owns a farm straight out of a 1950′s Americana magazine.
  • Everyone has a degree in nutrition and evolutionary biology. 
  • Everyone knows that one guy who went vegan and almost died.
  • Everyone is free to talk about their identity, beliefs and interests without being shamed for them. Unless they’re vegan. Vegans can fuck off.
8 Reasons Vegans Never Shut Up About Veganism

1. Because meat is the leading cause of climate change.

True story. The meat industry emits more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined!

2. Because the egg industry grinds up live baby chicks.

Because male chicks will never lay eggs, they are considered useless to the egg industry and are killed almost immediately after birth.

3. Because meat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

A recent study by the World Health Organization placed processed meat in the same carcinogenic category as cigarettes and asbestos.

4. Because battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates are a disgrace.

Many animals on factory farms live in spaces so small they can’t even turn around, lie down comfortably, or stretch their limbs. This is cruel and unacceptable.

5. Because babies are taken away from their mothers.

The dairy industry rips baby calves away from their mothers when they’re only a day old.

6. Because once you go vegan you feel amazing.

Many people who go vegan report feeling lighter, more energetic, and relieved of chronic health issues.

7. Because the food is delicious.

Once you go vegan, an entire new world of culinary delights opens up! Check back here frequently for recipes and ideas.

8. Because food wasted on farmed animals could feed the hungry.

There are a billion starving people on the planet. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef. Think about it.

Visit to learn more about transitioning to a healthy, delicious, and humane vegan diet.

Messy vegan quesadillas decked out with ALL the goods 😏👌 Homemade spicy refried beans, red onion, mushrooms, kale and smashed avocado all between some perfectly toasted ezekiel tortillas. Finished off with some extra spicy salsa on the side for dipping and I feel like you’ll understand why this is such a go-to meal for me 👍☺️ Super easy and fast to make, and so satisfying too! #vegan #veggies #veganism #veganeats #vegansofig #vegans #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegancommunity #plantbased #hclf #hclfv #health #healthy #lunch #dinner #quesidilla #quesidillas #avocado #vegetables #kale #personal

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I hope Vegans are wrong!

I hope we are not killing our planet.
I hope the rainforests have not been 80% destroyed.
I hope animals are not sentient.
I hope animals don’t suffer mentally and physically!
I hope we are not running out of fresh water.
I hope GMO’s are not destroying the future crops.
I hope meat does not cause cancer and heart disease.
I hope 80% of large fish have not gone extinct forever. .
I hope that the big pharma really cares about the welfare of people.
I hope that the media is not brainwashing our children.
I hope that McDonald’s cares about the happiness of our children.
I hope the children are not starving from feeding animals their grains.
I hope global warming is not related to animal agriculture.
I hope the drug-resistant bacteria is not being created because of antibiotic abuse to animals.
I hope that 150 species do not go extinct daily because of man’s lust for meat.
I hope some how the planet is thriving.
I hope vegans are so wrong.
I really hope so!