I recently taught my #ratties the art of pea fishing! Initially they were horrified of the water, but #Miwa my brave little one, decided to go for it and the others finally followed. #Cute little grabby hands!!! I’m so in #love 💖

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fruitkink  asked:

hey i was wondering how you feel about zoos and aquariums? ive been seeing a lot of people (idk if theyre vegan) trying to support them by saying theyre non profit, accredited animal rehabilitation centers, & that makes them okay? i have a problem with this cos most zoos i know definitely arent for that purpose, they just seem to cage animals up&like ones with zoos r killing polar bears cos its not their natural habitat, & i know many actual rehabilitation centers tht never call themselves a zoo

Hi there fruitkink! 🐙

I totally agree with you on that, Zoos are businesses! Sanctuaries, Natural Reserves, National Parks and such are truly for conservation and nature’s well-being. 

This site is a cancerous percolating stew of dog guts. Examples:

-people who have convinced themselves that shoplifting $500 of makeup is justified
-people who think they’re literally dragons
-people who think white people should all die
-people who think obesity is healthy
-people who would kill each other over headcanons
-people who think meat-eaters are the creation of fucking lucifer
-“witches” who think reading about spells online and buying bath bombs is actual Paganism
-people who think eating disorders are fat-shaming

But the scariest thing is that all these people think that we must conform to their beliefs or we’re considered oppressive.


I know this isn’t a #rat but it’s in the #rodent family and I couldn’t resist! How #cute is this #hamster ?!? 💜
This #adorable little potato seems to know what’s up. I think we can learn a lot from her. Slowly with patience, she reaches up with determination and pulls herself up… one step at a time. You may not be able to see your destination, so enjoy the journey and with some patience, strength and perseverance, you can do this! You are stronger than you think. Reach for the stars people. Or at least….reach for the next step! 💪🏼😝🐭
#cuteanimal video by: @jukinmedia & @polar.potato

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I’m poor. B12 and vitamin D deficiency runs in my family, as well as anemia. I have multiple allergies, PCOS, and depression/anxiety. I’m basically a walking poster-child for all the “why people can’t be vegan” excuses.

I’ve been vegan since 2005. I just went to my PCP and she said I was healthy. Stop using my real problems as your hypotheticals. You clearly don’t care about me, or people like me, and just want a half-assed excuse to shit on veganism.


I swear she’s human. I woke up this morning to find #Miwa sleeping with her #teddybear ! I just can’t. It took every bit of me to keep from kissing her and waking her up. She is the #sweetest #rattie I’ve ever had. Miwa you melt my #heart ! 💖🐻🐭

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I found this beauty last Saturday while I was at Río Conejo, Aserrí. I love it so much 😍 not just for reusing a toilet but because I love succulents! ❤️🙌🏼

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