Things I’ve Learned Since Going Vegan
  • You can slice someone’s throat and still love them. 
  • The word “need” can only also mean “could easily live without but do kinda want.”
  • The word “humane” can mean literally anything you want it to.
  • It’s okay to call people out for harmful behaviour unless that behaviour involves bacon.
  • Plants definitely feel pain and lawns scream when you mow them.
  • Crop workers are exploited but slaughterhouse workers definitely aren’t. No exploitation here, no sir. 
  • Meat is the only food that contains protein.
  • “Found the vegan” is still funny and original the millionth time. 
  • Before humans came along, cows were just wandering around with massive udders praying for someone to invent industrialised agriculture. 
  • Steak is cheaper than beans, rice, pasta and canned vegetables. 
  • While 99% of all meat comes from factory farms, no one eats that meat.
  • Everyone only buys local, organic, humane, Dalai Lama approved meat. 
  • Everyone has an uncle who owns a farm straight out of a 1950′s Americana magazine.
  • Everyone has a degree in nutrition and evolutionary biology. 
  • Everyone knows that one guy who went vegan and almost died.
  • Everyone is free to talk about their identity, beliefs and interests without being shamed for them. Unless they’re vegan. Vegans can fuck off.

This site is a cancerous percolating stew of dog guts. Examples:

-people who have convinced themselves that shoplifting $500 of makeup is justified
-people who think they’re literally dragons
-people who think white people should all die
-people who think obesity is healthy
-people who would kill each other over headcanons
-people who think meat-eaters are the creation of fucking lucifer
-“witches” who think reading about spells online and buying bath bombs is actual Paganism
-people who think eating disorders are fat-shaming

But the scariest thing is that all these people think that we must conform to their beliefs or we’re considered oppressive.

I love that so many vegans like to pretend like disabled and poor people don’t exist.

Like get off you high horse because the whole “suck it up or you’re a disgusting human being” mentality isn’t going to change the fact that I can never go vegan.

Not to mention meat is an important part of a lot of cultures and shaming people for taking part their culture is so gross

That’s not anywhere near all the issues w/ the vegan community but it’s something y'all should fix

The biggest problem with this “vegans always have to tell you they’re vegan” insult is that it fails to acknowledge that veganism is more than just what we eat. There is an entire vegan subculture complete with our own literature, philosophy, forums, festivals, restaurants, support networks, social spaces, activist circles and even music. My veganism is as much a part of who I am as my class or where I am from. So why am I not allowed to even talk about it?