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My friendships are a constant roller coaster. At least half the time, I wish my friends would go away and never speak to me again. Part of me knows it would be better that way. They don't know that because they don't know much about what I think of them. I'm honestly disgusted by their causal disregard for animals and flaunting bacon themed, 'humorous' attire. I don't like their philosophy on life and I don't like them to be quite honest.

I felt the same way once and I know it’s not the best feeling in the world, some time later I’m still healing and sometimes I still don’t understand what happened along the way when I used to be so close to certain people.

I now believe is part of changing, of becoming who you are and part of life itself. I envy those who have had friends forever but is not that many people. Nowadays finding true friendships is hard but you deserve to feel happy around your friends and you deserve to be surrounded by people who respect you and your choices without mocking them. Maybe it’s time to find new friends, to give yourself the chance to meet people with similar ideas and likes! Share your time with people you feel comfortable with, who cherish you, supports you and love you for who you are!

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vegetable soup is vegan
I shouldn’t have to tell someone every time something is vegan
That carrot, it’s vegan
That pasta is vegan. Yes even with the sauce. 
That fruit bowl is vegan
Aren’t you getting tired of me telling you shit’s vegan?
I mean that water you’re drinking is vegan
That potato is vegan
That mayo you bought is vegan- oh it’s because you have allergies that makes sense

I’m going to give you some spaghetti- watch out though it doesn’t have meat on it. So this is technically by definition, a vegan food- but you love spaghetti! Oh..

Just this is how it is
It really is

You tell someone something is vegan and they dont want to eat it even if it’s their favorite food
Even though they eat vegan type foods all the time
And you have to tell them that what you’re eating is a vegan version 
But then that’s too annoying 
But if you don’t say it, than you must not be vegan anymore

It’s bull fucking shit

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I'm angry about my mother telling me that being vegan is extreme and that I need to eat animal products again (because she thinks my current health problem is because I am vegan when it makes no sense) and then making me feel bad about the foods I eat/my body/not looking healthy (thin) enough for her

I’d be angry in your position too. My mom says I’m too extreme when I talk about climate change and environment because according to her: “That’s what she was told when she was young and nothing has happened”, like thanks, mom, if they just could open their eyes and see how much damage is being inflicted on this earth and upon ourselves…

Gladly I don’t live with her, I used to feel guilty when I left my house and everything but the truth is a feel better and I have growth so much since then. I used to feel guilty for not having a family I could rely on, but not anymore. 

You don’t owe anything to your mom nor to anybody. Nothing knows you best than yourself so don’t listen to her mean words. You know you’re valuable and beautiful just the way you are. If you’re able to continue your vegan journey and set those mean words aside.

Follow  Neal Barnard, M.D. as he constantly post valuable information regarding nutrition for vegans. 

Where do you get your iron?

You may know that iron is absolutely vital for health and necessary for the production of hemoglobin, a protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, however what many people don’t realise is that there are two kinds of iron: heme-iron and non-heme iron.

Heme-iron is not regulated by the body, which means it is always absorbed, while non-heme iron is regulated by the body and only absorbed when it is required.

Both types of iron are present in meat, but plants and fortified foods only contain non-heme iron.

Although heme-iron is generally absorbed better, a high absorption rate is not necessarily a good thing as the body actually has no mechanism for disposing of excess iron. It just builds up. However non-heme iron (the kind you get from plants) is more beneficial to the human body because its absorption remains safely regulated so the body can naturally regulate the amounts of iron being absorbed based on the current levels in your body.

Iron from animal sources (heme-iron) can accumulate to harmful levels, and a surplus of iron can actually be more damaging than a deficiency, but only those people who eat meat or take iron supplements are in danger of a surplus.

Read the rest of the article:…/where-do-you-get-your-iron

Cleaning the oceans one step at a time

Two Australians created this container that collects plastic, paper, oil, fuel and detergent floating in the ocean. They want to implement it the middle of next year to clean up the sea worldwide. It seems a great idea. The only “but” as always is money, so they are raising funds to get to their goal. You can see their project and donations here.

Quote from Emily Deschanel, an American actress and producer. She’s been vegan for over 20 years, and continues to be one of the most influential vegans of today. 

PSA for vegans

Don’t be afraid to be “that vegan”
Don’t think it’s none of your business
Don’t hesitate to educate others
Don’t be shamed by people who make fun of veganism
Don’t be quiet about it; Protecting the environment is a big deal. Advocating for animals is a big deal.

We use less resources when producing vegan food. It only makes sense, sustainability-wise, to go vegan. Animal agriculture is destroying humanity and earth’s balance. Think about veganism.


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