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So I want to transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet because of my beliefs on animal cruelty but I need some help. I need to know what I need to eat, to stay healthy and get all essential nutrients and I was wondering if you could help!

Hey there itsjustari ! That’s awesome! It is a learning process, I had to start to research about nutrition when I became vegan because I never actually pay attention to what I was eating. I have some resources that can help you to go into the right direction, take a look at these links! ☺

The best one is Vegan Health, make sure to read all the articles, that way you’ll understand about vitamins, minerals, nutrients in general and how to stay healthy! And as I always say, always add greens and more raw food into your diet! :)

376) I just watched an episode of Chopped and it was all about using the ingredients people would throw away and all the chefs would say is “I think it’s very important to use all of the animal to show respect for this animal that sacrificed its life for us to eat.” I can’t stand when people say that animals sacrifice their lives for us that to try to rid themselves of the guilt of the animals actually just being killed with no consent in the matter. Do people actually believe animals just want commit suicide so we can eat them?

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Does eating frozen fruits and veggies lower their nutritional value?

Hi there!

I found a few detailed answers to this which lead to a lot of noticeable variables. Here are some of the main points:

  • Vegetables have the most amount of nutrients when they’re ripe, not yet picked. Frozen vegetables are picked when they’re ripe and then frozen. Keeping most of the nutrients.
  • Fresh/Non frozen vegetables are often harvested before being ripe and therefore do not get the same amount of nutrients.
  • Frozen fruits and veggies are often blanched (steamed/ plunged into boiling water to kill bacteria) and water soluble vitamins such as B and C may be affected slightly but the flash-freeze that occurs next locks the nutrients in.
  • Cooking frozen vegetables quickly on high heat can actually lower/remove nutrients. Steaming while not overcooking would be a great solution. Try to cook with low heat and without water.
  • When fruits and veggies are in-season and local it would be best to buy from there.
  • When not in season it would be best to buy frozen.
  • Freezing your own fresh vegetables is also an option you can always research!

Just an FYI for those of you who think ‘catch and release’ is humane. Most fish die later anyway due to shock, not to mention having your face punctured by something that is roughly the thickness of one of your bones and then being suffocated for a few minutes could never be considered “humane.” Animals are not your toys, little children. Leave them the fuck alone and find something else to play with.

From HumansOfDublin:

“I’m vegan, I only eat vegetables. I don’t eat any food that comes from animals. I believe that they are fellow mortals and should not be tortured, but this is what humans are doing day in, day out. I won’t harm anything and refuse to be part of it. The other day I was emptying a bucket when a spider fell in. I did what I’ve often done before, I put a little branch down, he climbed out, said thank you, and away it went. This is the way I live. I look at life and the animals around me as fellow mortals, and they deserve respect. I believe all of us were given a spark of nobility and I believe we have to nurture that spark throughout our life. If not, this spark will wither like grapes on a vine. You have to have awareness of everything each day, in order to live a responsible life.”


Hey, you know how you can tell someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

People hate vegans. It’s weird. You wouldn’t think that avoiding chicken nuggets would warrant the abuse.

Vegans are one of the last remaining minorities that can be made fun of, marginalized and ridiculed publicly and have it be socially acceptable. Obviously vegans do not have it as bad as truly persecuted people like minorities, people of color, homosexuals, and women… but the world is not vegan-friendly. Freud pioneered the concept of defense mechanisms, and I think they explain some of the irrational hate vegans receive.

If you are vegan, you probably avoid mentioning your dietary habits at all costs. The truth always gets out, and when it does get ready for an onslaught of sensitive meat eaters. There’s the mocking, having your masculinity, sanity and/or intelligence questioned, the annoying jokes and even more annoying questions. There’s the smug superiority you’ll encounter. Oh, and bacon will be brought up, lest you forget that it is literally the greatest thing that a human can experience.

There’s this silly stereotype of the hostile, preachy vegan. I have never met one in my life. Only 2% of people in the USA claim to be vegan. Vegans are a minority, and people hate vegans. This leads many, myself included, to try to keep it quiet as much as possible. The V word stirs up a lot of emotion in people.

Why though?

I think there is an explanation, let’s start with the a relevant definition:

From Wikipedia:

Defense mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind[4] to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses to maintain one’s self-schema.

People are fundamentally good, or they want to be. They don’t want to hurt other people, animals or the planet. So, to do terrible things, people must be divorced from reality in some way. Defense mechanisms are the morning train to delusionville.

Think about how awful an average factory farm is. EVERYONE has to have some idea of how bad it is. Imagine the thought of killing an animal and it’s screams of agony. Just think of how damaging factory farms are to the planet. Imagine the nightmare that awaits us as our natural world’s systems collapse. This stuff is HORRIFYING.

What you are saying is scary, therefore it is not true.

See how easy that was. Now we can watch a vapid reality TV show and sleep easy at night. That’s how defense mechanisms work. Let us break down a few defense mechanisms and how they are responsible for a lot of the vegan hate, ridicule and general opposition.

Reaction Formation

The basic definition of this defense mechanism is as follows: Anxiety-producing emotions and thoughts are mastered by exaggerating the opposing tendency.

Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder

I’ll eat all the animals you don’t

Mmmm, let me fetishize bacon to prove how anti-vegan I am

I hate vegans, meat is soooooooooooo good

People don’t want to contribute to the horrors of animal factory farming. That terrifies them. People don’t want to think that they are immoral. That they are harming sentient beings and destroying the planet. This gives them so much anxiety that their egos swoop in to protect their notion of self. Well, the one they find acceptable. Their ego doesn’t want them to believe they are a bad person for participating in these terrible things. It does what it can to avoid the thoughts. It hides the anxiety producing truth and then exaggerates the opposite. That’s why vegans often hear the over the top, omni stupid, pro-meat comments.  Suddenly meat is the greatest fucking thing on earth. They have to mention dead animals or make a joke, every goddamn meal, as though vegans never ate meat in their lives. (And people hate vegans… )

That’s why bacon is the sensitive meat eater’s banner. It is their call to arms. It symbolizes the decadence, the gluttony, and selfishness. It directly opposes the selflessness, impulse control and sacrifice that vegan’s strive for.  Bacon is gross. No really, it is. It’s a slab of fat that’s either drier than a college student’s bank account or all chewy and miserable. It’s sliced of off filthy animals that wallow in their shit all day. Those animals are also as smart as a three-year-old. Think of what bacon represents, though, there is subconscious symbolism at work; Bacon represents the id.

People are selfish to the core and don’t like change. This is especially true when it means making a sacrifice or delaying instant gratification. We humans are essentially selfish cowards. We all hide, some just do it behind burnt pig flesh.  The social confirmation behind bacon fetishizing helps people’s guilty consciences stay quelled. It’s proof that they aren’t in the wrong. This is at the root of why some people hate vegans. Salmon or chicken isn’t used as their war cry. Veal could be, but the symbolism isn’t hidden as well as the actual baby calfs are, and it’s a tad bit too real.

There was a study that showed conservatives will avoid products that are good for the environment. That’s the reaction formation at work; And so is the fetishizing of bacon.

Remember this defense mechanism the next time someone tells you that they wish they could wear a meat hat and eat it all day and move to a state where they can marry a bacon bride; as they laugh about how much they hate vegans.

Up next, Isolation.

Maryland spca number is 1-410-235-8826
The woman’s name is Kelly Dukes. Nothing has yet to be done. She has not been prosecuted for animal abuse, and this woman needs jail time. Please call the number given and give these horses justice. This lady thinks she can’t be touched. Call the number and complain that nothing has yet to be done. Be the voice for the horses!!!

A vegan told me today killing and eating someone means you don’t love them like??? I like the taste??? Please fucking respect that and don’t tell me how I feel about someone???
—  Hannibal Lecter