When I answer you and tell you that I am indeed vegan please don’t follow that by telling me how you could never go vegan because of *insert reason here*

I really couldn’t give two shits about your pathetic excuses.

I think one of the reasons people hate vegans so much is because so long as we aren’t around, they aren’t really making a decision. In a group of meat eaters, no one is having to decide about whether or not to partake in eating flesh, it is the rule and the norm of the groups and involved no moral judgements. But as soon as a vegan arrives, suddenly there are those who eat animals and those who don’t. A distinction must be made and staying in that group becomes a moral decision; suddenly they go from just “eaters,” to “meat eaters” and it is no longer an unnamed norm.

This is why a vegan can be silent and still be accused of showing their beliefs down people’s throats. It’s why a vegan can be a “live and let live” apologist and still be resented. This is why they mock us, revile us and invade our spaces. Consciously or not, we remind them that eating animals is a choice.

Interesting how a person if asked if they would kill an animal to eat they would be horrified and say no, but have absolutely no problem paying money for someone else to do it. People who partake in the suffering and killing of sentient beings have no right to be shielded from the reality of the industries they support.

You wouldn’t kill an animal yourself but why are you paying someone else to do it? Think about the process. You are killing animals for a few moments of palate pleasure and that is all. Realize what you are paying for and participating in. Question your actions and stop harming animals for unnecessary pleasure.

“Don’t compare animal abuse or factory farming to ANY form of human oppression! It’s belittling and racist!“

Yeah sorry, but as a black woman who is directly descended from slaves/ the slave trade and has to deal with the ripple effect, modern day institutionalized racism, sexism that’s always racist and racism that’s always sexist, every single day, I have every fucking right to make whatever parallels to those practices I see fit. It only bothers you because you refuse to see animals as valuable and worthy, and refuse to take their exploitation and abuse seriously, so of course someone suggesting that animal exploitation is just as bad as human oppression isn’t going to sit well with you. You can’t continue to use/ abuse them once they’re on that level, so it’s necessary to make sure their pain is ALWAYS beneath that of humans; always something to be written off; always simply less important.

And Fuck your bullshit definition of what racism is. So because I’m equally as opposed to treating humans like products as I am treating animals like products that means I’m devaluing humans & a racist? Wrong. I’m putting animals on the level of people where they rightfully belong. Where not a single one of you can even explain why it’s supposedly wrong to elevate them our level. Instead, you guys literally do nothing but emotionally respond with “OH NOOOO those crazy animal rights people value all life equally! what evil monsters! how could you!!?!”

I don’t need any of you telling me what or how to think, nor do I accept your flimsy and baseless accusations of racism, sexism, classcism, ableism or whatever else you want to throw out to absolve yourself of ever having to treat animals with respect.

FUCK YOU and your selfish, heartless, “humans are the center of the world” thought policing & keep that shit away from me. Get the fuck over yourselves and your idea that your views of value are the end all be all no one must ever question.

See those vegans over there? The people fighting against unnecessary animal cruelty and environmental degradation? The people saying that all individuals have an inherent right to life, and that personal desire is not a valid reason to violate that right to life?
What a bunch of entitled assholes.
—  Meat-eaters

Why is so damn difficult for some people to erase the term “ zoos” from their lives? Damn just by seeing all the notes and the same messages I keep getting I see that people just read and they don’t even analyze or question what they just read, they seem to have a chip in their heads that keeps telling them: “but zoos are good” “zoos protect the animals” “vegans are too extreme, zoos aren’t bad at all”.

Stop there for a second and read this:  A zoo is a business, it makes someone else’s wallet grow each day at the expense of the animals freedom. It doesn’t matter if they have conservative programs, they are still profiting with the animals.

Now, we don’t want the animals to be left alone, to close all zoos tomorrow, we are not saying that the people that work at zoos are animals abusers either (even we all know there are some); we are saying that a new mindset should be set towards zoos; why don’t turn zoos into conservation areas? wildlife refugees? non-profit organizations that truly work for the animals itself, where animals aren’t seen as properties that can be sold or transferred from zoo to zoo, being exposed to people that just go there take some pictures and go back home, well remember those animals won’t back home, they will be there in those cages forever. Again, we know there are zoos with very good people, that truly cares and give their lives for the animals, what we are saying is that both the institution that keep the animals and the way we see animals should be changed. 

If you consume dairy you support the routine child theft of countless mother cows all around the world. I’ve heard many horrible noises in my time and nothing, nothing compares to the sound of a mother cow bellowing for her stolen young. It’s a sound that will stay eith you for years and ti this day it’s all I hear whenever I see someone consuming dairy. Ditch the dairy, Go Vegan.

Say it with me:

Animal rights is about more then the select species you chose to care about.

Animal rights is not only caring about dogs and cats.

Animal rights is not only about leather or fur.

Animal rights is not only about poaching.

Animal rights is not only about veal or foie gras.

Animal rights is not only free range or humanely raised products.

Animal rights is not only about opposing SeaWorld.

Animal rights is not only using cruelty free products.

Animal rights is about ALL animals. Cows. Chickens. Dogs. Ducks. Elephants. Goats. Pigs. Cats. Otters. Monkeys. Rabbits.

You are not allowed to pick and choose what animals deserve rights.

196) As horrible as it sounds, the truth is I'm disliking those closest to me more and more every day. When I first decided to go vegan, I was convinced I wouldn't disconnect myself from anyone. I thought I would be able to eat meals with my friends and family comfortably, but how wrong was I? The truth is I no longer want to be around them, I'm tired of the "against vegans" arguments, I'm sick of the smell of dead bodies, and I just want to be left alone with a bundle of fruit, veggies, and animals.