Vegan Homemade Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup!

This is my own recipe for pumpkin soup. It’s legit so delicious, filling and good for you too.


½ a Pumpkin (Kent).

1 x medium Sweet Potato.

1 x large Potato.

1 x Onion.

2 x Garlic cloves.

Salt, Pepper & Ground Chilli.

1 litre of Vegetable Stock.

1/3  of a small can of Coconut Cream.


Cut all the vegetable ingredients up like so in the picture. Add the stock to a large pot, add all the vegetables then boil until soft/cooked. Add the salt, pepper & chilli (how ever much you like). Blend it all up whilst adding the coconut cream then waahhhlah all done and ready to devour! 

Enjoy :)

Elle xo