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 Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'3

Favorite Color(s): Blue, purple, sometimes green

Time Right Now: 22:22
Average Amount of Sleep: 4 hours or 13 hours there is no inbetween
Lucky Number: 5 and 7

Last Thing I googled: Irish exam papers 

Favorite Book: don’t have one 
Favorite Band: Walking on cars 

Song Stuck in My Head: some Tegan and Sara song idek 

Last TV Show I Watched: criminal minds 

When did I create my blog: this one is like a year old 

What do I post about: Steven Universe, adventure time, Gravity Falls and the likesss

Do I have any other blogs: hell yeah @forests-in-neverland @peridork-art-stuff @ofswanqueen and secret blogs lmao 
When did my blog reach its peak: soon 
Do you get asks on a regular basis: sometimes, depends 

Why my URL: peridot is my favourite dork and peridork was tragically taken 

The 20 chosen ones: Uhm @roseslights @veganopal @dumbpolice @luminescent-fang @scared-dork and anyone else who wants to do it??