rawrveganrawr said: Absolutely! I started to feel that way when I first became veggie but since eating high raw I can’t stand to be near barbecues.

carrieleeannjohnson said: YES!! I was JUST telling my family about this! out to dinner a few times this week, I could literally smell sugar in people’s cookies! Or like you said with the butter, I could smell it in the pizza dough! Hahah I’m so happy this wasn’t just in my head!

hayveghead said: Yeah I noticed that as well. I can’t stand the smell of some people! they smell so bad i want to gag. It sucks but it’s kind of cool too haha.

veganoddity said: Most definitely! I can’t really handle incense or certain candles anymore.

rawveganwannabe said: OH MY GOSH YES!!! I thought it was just me!! Sometimes whenever I think about too much fats like a whole avocado I get that too! Or if I smell fish and stuff too! So crazy


I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I thought I was going crazy! lol Little did I know it was just my raw vegan superhero powers manifesting! ;) Thanks everyone for helping! xxoo

  1. lainelle said: California is fantastic! You’ll love it.

Yay! I’m really looking forward to going! Is there anything you recommend I should see/do? I’m going to be more in the northern part, around Sonoma. 

vanillaandpeaches said: i actually see a face in that ice cream haha

HAHA! omg I see it! 

  1. veganoddity said: ah no woodstock? ill be volunteering! :(

I know, I’m a little bummed! :( Unfortunately it’s on the whole other side of the country, and we are going to be dog and cat sitting so we can’t be away for very long. I’d love to see lots of pictures you take, though! :) I’ll just live through all of you! Lol