2p America Headcanons


  • He loves animals
  • So much thats hes a vegannn
  • He wont force you to become a vegan, but he would sure appreciate it if you did
  • When he cooks or chooses resturants though he always makes/ chooses something vegan/vegetarian friendly
  • He loves you with all his being
  • Will 10/10 randomly sweep you off your feet at different times
  • Snuggles you almost any time, even if you’re not in the mood for it tbh
  • Gives you lots of kisses when you snuggle
  • Will most likely buy you anything you want if you give him puppy dog eyes
  • Nicknames to the max. Doll, doll face, babe, baby, princess, sweet heart, probably 1 million more
  • Probably one of the best at making you feel better
  • If you’re unhappy hes unhappy
  • Will 10/10 get rid of any problem you have
  • Hugs you pretty loosely as you sleep, switches from big to little spoon


  • Is a huge switch
  • It depends on his mood if hes gonna fuck you, or if he wants you to ride/fuck him
  • He likes to leave marks everywhere
  • His piercings tho, the one on his tongue??? Gr8 oral 100% of the time
  • Likes to give and receive, really good at giving but likes getting it too
  • Kinda has a thing for using toys??
  • Has pretty good stamina, so he will last for a while not gonna lie
  • He likes to over stimulate his partner to an extent
  • After care is usually pretty sweet
  • He has a medium sex drive, so maybe once twice a week expect sex
  • Wont force you to have sex with him ever, but if you do tell him no bet your ass he’s leaving to go masturbate on your side of the bed with one of your shirts