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Loving all these happy new vegans with New Year’s Resolutions to be kinder to animals! You are all brave and wonderful and the tumblr vegan community will be here to support you.

Also, shoutout to all the vintage vegans who initially took the plunge on New Years past and are now celebrating veganniversaries! You are all amazing and so inspiring!

Just a side note about that last post: I often talk about how vegetarianism/veganism are not accessible to the poor, disabled, chronically ill, PoC, etc. I think this needs to be brought up more within animal rights circles because often they are extremely militant and exclusionary to marginalized people. However, I do believe in going vegetarian/vegan if it is possible for you, or at the very least cutting out what you can. I think even the smallest steps can contribute to change and applaud anyone who is able to make an effort not to support the meat, egg, and dairy industries. (But I would never hold it against anyone who is unable to so–don’t worry, I totally got you!) 

Anyway, I sometimes struggle to balance being pro-veganism/vegetarianism but also intersectional. Whenever I post about how not everyone can be vegan, animal rights supporters tell me I’m not supporting the cause. And when I reblog pro-vegan posts, I get other folks telling me that not everyone can be vegan (which I understand, trust me.) I don’t really know what I’m trying to say here–I’m just not sure how I can reblog animal rights stuff without having to explain my complicated relationship with the topic in full detail every single time?

feb 24, 2017

an immense amount of growth and healing has taken place in my life. so much so that i feel ready to start answering questions again. i feel motivated and i keep getting rushes of extreme happiness knowing that i can use this blog again as a platform to help others with life and recovery. 

a lot has happened in my life over the last year, and while i don’t want to forget about it and just move on, i’m starting a new chapter. this just goes to show that even if you’re ‘recovered’, it doesn’t mean life is going to be peachy and happy forever. life is about feeling the lows and learning how those times are the most crucial for building yourself back up and learning lessons. life is hard, but all i’m doing is trying my absolute best and hardest to be the greatest and most compassionate and hard-working human i can be. and i hope i can help all of you too.


We're all vegan for the same reason.

Support vegans who are overweight.

Support vegans who are underweight.

Support vegans who have just started.

Support vegans who have been vegan for years.

Support vegans who have never slipped up.

Support vegans who have accidentally eaten non vegan foods.

Support vegans who preach.

Support vegans who don’t preach due to anxiety.

Support ALL vegans!

Videos of wild animals in people's homes are not cute.

Foxes are not “pets”. Owls are not “pets”. Primates are not “pets”. God damn tigers are not “pets”.

These animals belong in the wild. Or at accredited sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers only. Keeping them in homes is abusive. It’s not cute. Stop reblogging these posts.


This is the first commercial I’ve ever seen in my life supporting veganism! All the information is accurate too. Literally this is amazing!