Potatoes for breakfast ☺️


Boiled new potatoes until soft, then added to a pan with some sesame oil. In another pan, softened onion and cooked jackfruit with some garlic. Served with salad and added sriracha 🙈 So yummy.



I think the popularity of the “vegans will always bring up their veganism” started as a way to make vegans scared of talking about vegan issues under fear they’ll be part of some “annoying preachy vegan” stereotype. That way omnis don’t have to hear about their harmful diet if you don’t want to be called out on this stereotype they have propagated, or they can just use the “lol, you always mention you’re vegan,” and in their mind they don’t have to acknowledge your argument because you’re living up to the expectation of mentioning your veganism.

Hot Take: Racism against Asians, and hostility towards vegetarianism in the United States are interwoven more than most realize. There is no coincidence that “Tofu is disgusting!” became the rallying cry of many meat eaters, alongside mirrored stereotypes that men in both categories are weak and effeminate. Generally speaking if you hear someone complain about vegan food, it won’t be a traditionally European dish. 


my vegan order from Asiana Café in Greenwich, CT.
A peanut avocado🥑sushi roll, seaweed salad, and some plain ol’ white rice 🍚 - paired with some sweet chili sauce!!
To be honest, I didn’t like the peanuts in the sushi - plain avo rolls are more for me ;)
Anyway, this light dinner was amazing!

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