Okay but imagine that one die hard vegan/animal rights activist that makes it into Valhalla and they’re just like- “I can’t eat this goat I don’t eat meat.” Cue Halfborn being like “it’s okay noob it has a tofu flank. And the new kid is like "yeah but the tofu CAME FROM AN ANIMAL.” Mallory would role her eyes. “It’s okay doofus it resurrects every morning. Now eat your goat tofu and shut up.” And this lil bean is all “NO I WILL EAT MY TOFU I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ENDLESS CYCLE OF MAGICAL GOAT OPPRESSION.” And goes to get up from the table and sweet lil Maggie’s just “but you gotta eat kid.” “NO I DON’T I’M DEAD!!!!”

5 things you didn't know were vegan

1. Oreos
Most people are surprised to know Oreos are vegan because they’re so associated with milk. The filling is just a made of sugar and vegetable crisco so they are A okay 👌. I recommend not eating them that much because they obviously aren’t healthy but are okay once in a while. When I first became vegan I was obsessed with Oreo and then got sick of them.
2. Sour patch kids
These are by far one of my favorite candies. These only contain corn syrup sugars and artificial color and flavoring but no gelatin! It’s definitely not good for you, but a great snack for the movies.
3. Store bought frosting
A lot of store bought frostsings are actually vegan to my surprise just always makes sure to double check the ingredients and you are good to go. If your making something like a vegan cake and you don’t want to make frosting from scratch this is good for you.
4. Jello instant pudding mix
Upon research I discovers the flavors vanilla, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, and banana cream are all vegan!! This came to my surprise because I thought it would contain gelatin. I will try this out soon. Add your favorite plant milk and your good to go!
5. Unfrosted pop tarts
All flavors of unfrosted pop tarts are vegan because the regular ones contain gelatin. I’ve had these before and they’re quite good.
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I wanna say this. I don’t care if you’re a vegan or vegetarian or even a meat eater. I care if you think you’re dietary habits are so superior that you have deemed it necessary to push it onto other people.
If someone wants to eat meat, that’s THEIR choice
If someone wants to be a vegetarian, that’s THEIR choice
If someone wants to be a vegan, that’s THEIR choice

None or this is YOUR choice FOR THEM

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How To Deal With Fitness, Uni, Job & Life While Cutting?
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