Tuesday: Fresh + light

After some much needed quiet time and hip opener stretching last night, I decided that I would keep it carby today and eat lots of fruit. This is basically an 801010 style morning - afternoon pictured above. I’ll be doing some monoeating then indulging in a big ‘ol smoothie for lunch. If I get hungry in between, I can nom on a peach or leftover figs. Blissful. 

So I’ve been vegan for some time now and finally found motivation in the last couple of weeks to be lifting weights again. I can’t wait to see more progress in my arms 💪 I hardly ever do any ab exercises, some days you can fully see a pack forming (it’s all in what you eat) Have not trained legs in so long… Only thing I’ve been doing for them is cardio, when I have the time and they are developing awesome muscles. So progress is better than no progress right?