sukí face  (vegan)

1. Creamy foaming cleanser with açaí oil + organic apple juice -

Great for all skin types. My skin is on the sensitive side so this is great and gentle. It really leaves my skin feeling cleansed without feeling dry or unmovable after. Another plus: It smells like sweet lemons! 

2. Exfoliate foaming cleanser -

This is the first I’ve tried from sukí. I got this as a sample in my monthly Birchbox. Side note: You guys should really check out Birchbox. Anyways this exfoliating foaming cleanser is so long lasting. I feel like it should be gone already for the amount I’ve used it. You don’t want to exfoliate everyday maybe 3 times a week depending on your skin needs. Great product like the creamy foaming cleanser. This also smells like sweet lemons!


Salad for Breakfast.

Crazy thought? I thought so at first, when I first wake up I’m already thinking peanut butter & flat bread or toast. Reading an article from ‘MindBodyGreen’ about starting your day with a salad. It will keep you feeling full for more hours and energized! Heck yah! Oh and curbs cravings for carb filled foods. 

That’s really what we all want anyways right? Make it easier for yourself and prep the night before! If your feeling groggy in the morning you will thank yourself after.

Keep it interesting! You can add whatever you want! Basically it’s a blank canvas, give it a theme or keep it simple. Personally I love chopping onions (After eating I brush my teeth again/it’s worth it), Cucumber, Daiya-mozzarella cheese, Avocado, Carrots, Edamame, and what I forgot to add this morning is bell pepper! Doh! Even without that ingredient it was amazing and left me feeling full and energized! 

Dressing; be careful! I used a 5 cal amazingly good raw vegan dressing that I found at Wholefoods one lovely day. Great tasting and fermented. First thought was… this might taste bad, but it was great! Sometimes you can even get away with a very natural approach by squeezing lime or lemon all over my salad and adding some freshly ground pepper and presto…it’s another alternative for a dressing.