Inspired by Meave’s peach pie picture from earlier today and the fact that I’m a complete and total glutton, I present to you Vegan Baking’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! With recipe!

Now, a song.

What I would give if I could live inside that piiiie?? What would I pay for a warm slice in my tum? Bet you at Safeway they have a ton but I can’t buy them, they’re not vegan! Slices of heaven! Pie is the shit! Ugh, neverMIIIIIIND. I guess I’ll have to make it myself, look at the internet and find some recipes. Like what is a Rhubarb and why does it… what’s the word? Taste like crap when not in a piiiiie?!

Okay, I’ll stop. I am so high on Theraflu right now, you have no idea. Or I guess if you read the above passage, you really do. xoxox