My Secret Supper!

Not having wifi in our new home has definitely changed our lifestyles a bit! One night we sat and watched the hummingbird feeder. Not that it wasn’t great to get reacquainted with nature….but I’m ready for to be reacquainted with Netflix now.

This past Sunday I checked off an item on my bucket list by hosting my very first secret supper club! My mom graciously allowed me to use her place and my…

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Look what just came in the MAIL!!!!  VSS has a cook book!  Long awaited, and long in the making (maybe even 8 years!) has arrived on Arsenal Pulp Press!  It should be in the Chapters and things in a week or so in Canada, and everywhere else in April!  OR from me if I see you in NY for the APRIL Vegan Shop Up!  or at one of the launches in NY Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver this Spring!  Come and I’ll make you a snack!



A Bookseller's Friday Night Adventure!


Secret superhero/bookseller Simone Goldenberg writes: “On Friday night, I took the train to Crown Heights with an invitation to a dinner and celebration of chef Mèrida Anderson’s new cookbook Vegan Secret Supper. The four-course meal was served in the front room of a restored and renovated three-story classic Brooklyn gem whose owners had been fans of the previous New York run of Mèridas' dinner gatherings. The guests sat at cloth-covered tables under dark wood trim and a chandelier of repurposed milk jars. In the beautiful open kitchen, Mèrida meticulously plated treats for the collected booksellers and food writers to ooh and ahh over and then, thankfully, to devour. Each course was introduced by the winsome chef, and many of the recipes could be found in the cookbook. I left charmed and curious about getting from Point A – a list of wholesome, mostly familiar ingredients – to Point B – fabulous (and picture worthy!) vegan entrees and appetizers that were so much more than a sum of their parts. And finally, hats off to Mast Brothers Chocolate for our final course, which made my ride home so much sweeter.”


Dinner I made inspired by the vegan secret supper cookbook. I made it for my family in Edmonton and I’m hosting another large vegan gathering in the next month. So in order that’s pineapple jelly and coconut cream cake on a coconut shortbread crust, vegan tourtière with miso lentils and walnuts, smoked apple and tofu springrolls with avocado aioli and carrot tamarind chutney, and last but not least spiced cardamom beets braised in coconut with vegan Brazil nut cheese and fresh rosemary. It was epic.


Last Sunday’s VSS

Portobello and fennel soup with herbed rye croutons

Pecan pate with diakon sprout, carrot, avocado and nori, wrapped in ginger pear paper with a sesame dipping sauce

Panfried purple potato and cabbage dumplings with basil cilantro pesto, toasted almond cashew ricotta and smokey mushrooms

Lemon cashew pudding cake with chocolate gelato and ginger maple syrup

so like...
  • i masturbated yesterday before falling asleep. and liked it, it was quite pleasant and “easy” to get into/enjoy it. (yah, says stuff about…my current place in/with depression; not the usual for me) (and guess that….sex was something desired reintroduced into my life and i wasn’t certain of it at the time)
  • i want to buy all these books but maybe i should chill at it for a bit. i’m excited. they are/were:
  1. vegan secret supper- originally wanted this first and sole reason to order on chapters. but, recipes seem too fancy or “bold & elegant” for me at the moment, as i explore more basic recipes into veganism. will definitely keep in mind.
  2. eating animals -(!!!!!!!!) Me???!? me, wanting to read, and purchase this book? to keep it on my shelf? I’ve always passed on the idea of reading this book, and especially my intentions. It always brought a slight cringe and fed my cynicism, and at the very worst, i didn’t want to be reading it only to pass all my judgements and become more desensitized. To know all the terrible things but keep eating meat. I know how my mind would have worked: I’d have continued to eat meat and feel guilty about it but frustrated/even pissed i was and eat meat out of spite. I think, at least that’s how i would have acted for a while. 
  3. The Power of Food-yahhhhhhh. ^_^ Love the cover (hey….it’s an avocadoooo), love the simplicity of the recipes, love the format of the book, how it seems to flow (right now, as i previewed the online sections haha).  Also, the author is inspiring (adam hart) and yes, i like it!  I don’t think it is introduced to promote veganism or even vegetarianism but I’m pretty sure it is all plant based.  Getting this for sure.
  4. Becoming Vegan-(by Brenda David RD)-I don’t know, just glimpsing at the reviews, I thought i’d like this book. to ensure i continue to strive at eating healthy and maintaining a steady health. (I feel I am quite naturally weak, and even though anemia is quite possibly easy to control (with daily iron supplements), I want really know what all these other vitamins and words are :)  Although 2004 is still in our newer, modern, era with updated perceptions of veganism and the subculture, it is still..almost a decade ago. Oh well. :) And yah, getting a objective, medical doctor’s perspective is GREAT.
  5. the electric kool-aid acid test-okay okay….stories about other people’s trips on ACID??. like. ! duh, how could i not. thanks matt R for this one. mentioned it at save on meats last thursday. i was like, what book could i read…..that i might probably, really, be interested in…..ha. And, explore….my current mind of affairs…I did have the thought yesterday after closing the laptop, ready to finalize the order tomorrow morning, that, what if, [reading about all others’ experiences–both positive and negative–might affect future trip(s) based on preconceptions/expectations/worries. But you know what, no, it probably won’t, And i really rather enjoy a novel that is based on and in the flourished era when acid started out. 
  6. Maus-i want a graphic novel of some sort. Something similar to the watchmen (which is the only one i’ve read…) the other day, when i reblogged a short “strip”? is it? from a graphic novel i presume, it was like–wow. I want to be immersed in this. I want the affects and awe you can only get from a graphic novel medium you can’t from reading novel prose.  Maus though, I think I’ll have to get another time…….I mean, I definitely want to own it and read this in my life (and soon eh) but, to spend $25 on the complete set, and not be totally into the illustrations (versus others, is only all i mean) nor wanting to be reading a story revolving around the holocaust…
  • need to buy a vaporizerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. if not for greatly diminishing smell, for my health? yeah? any particular brands you recommend–in the $40-$60 range????

*have a lovely day!*

VSS is playing with firs for it’s first Autumn brunch in Brooklyn!

email: for reservations and more info

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd | 12pm (noon) {first autumn BRUNCH!!!!! in BROOKLYN!} 
Family Style BRUNCH!


Crêpes flambé with lemon, vanilla cashew cream and ginger maple syrup. Along with additional plain crepes served with an array of house made syrups, preserves and toppings.

VSS is moving to MONTREAL!  There will be one last month of Brooklyn Suppers!  this is one of them:

4 course

Back bean soup with coconut cream

Roast baby parsnips with shaved fennel, avocado, cilantro and pine nut parmesan

Hibiscus and beet empenadas with serrano mole, sunflower cream and sweet potato puree

pecan and fig shortbread with brown rice caramel and chocolate truffle covered in dark chocolate with candied orange and fig preserve