Good morning!

Friday slack-line shenanigans. So far I’ve spent more time setting it up and taking it apart than teetering across, but it’s really fun!

I’m off to Seattle today. Rain predicted for the race tomorrow. In Seattle? Nah… Pray for sunshine, y'all!

Happy Friday☔️

Today is my 1 year vegan anniversary so I feel kind of entitled to contemplate the positive and the challenging aspects of this lifestyle.

1. This is a diet of abundance. I get to eat extremely generous amounts of fruit and veg.
2. Everything is so delicious. Fruit is like a treat for most people but I get to eat fruit until I am satisfied.
3. My skin glows and my hair grows fast and looks fabulous.
4. My athletic performance has improved big time.
5. I am never sick. When everyone is suffering in bed, I am still healthy and strong.
6. I need less sleep which is great considering that I used to sleep 10 hours every night unless I wanted to be useless the next day.
7. My periods are shorter and far less painful.
8. My depression is 99% gone. Now I need valid reasons to feel low.
9. I am more stable emotionally and I am more confident.
10. I never have to feel guilty after eating because my diet doesn’t harm anyone.

1. I must admit that I still have a very particular attitude towards food. I only eat healthy foods and I exclude everything from my diet that I find unhealthy. I come from a past of eating disorders and it seems that I am still not at ease when it comes to eating.
3. You must plan your meals for both financial and practical reasons. Hence, you think of food way too much. For an anorexic mind, this is not always very useful.
4. The social aspect. It can be so difficult to dine out with others, especially when it’s a business lunch. People don’t always understand my ways of eating. I also exclude myself from a few lunch time gatherings with my colleagues because I don’t have pizza or Chinese with them.
5. This lifestyle is expensive. If you want to eat at least 1000 calories worth of raw, ripe, fresh fruit all year round, you will have to spend massive amounts of money.
6. I have gained over 15 lbs on this diet. I needed to gain weight, I needed to stop restricting my calories but it is obviously hard for me to accept that I am bigger.
7. The raw till 4 diet is time consuming. You need to eat practically all day to meet your calorific needs and a fruit meal can take an hour to finish. When you have your deadlines and meetings every day, it is hard to organise your meals.

All in all, I must say that going vegan has been the best decision in my life. I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t found Freelee the Banana Girl and this amazing lifestyle.

For someone with anorexia, eating a strictly limited amount of food can be successfully replaced by the concept of eating a very strictly limited quality of food but in unlimited amounts. This change has saved me.

I don’t say that my vegan diet is a mere cure for my anorexia because it is much more than that. I would never go back. I will never go back.