It is easy to love running on good days. It is much harder to love it when you pant after first kilometres. When your sports bra won’t stay in the place. Your legs still hurt from the previous run. It is too cold/hot/windy/rainy. You feel like shit. Or you just had a really bad day and running is the last thing you feel like doing. But those days are the most important because that’s when you are growing stronger.


Today’s interval was damn tough.

-4 x 1 KM 3:50 min/km + 1 KM RECOVERY JOG

Wow, this was my first one like that and I did pretty decent. Love seeing myself progress and get better over time! 💪

Afternoon snack. I’ve been feeling tired and sluggish ever since I woke up and working out for over an hour didn’t help either.
It is also one of those days when it is slightly cold and you can wear your spring jacket, there are rain showers thorought the day, everything around is emerald green and blooming and these kinds of days just make me miss Dublin so much that my heart aches.

I’m not even gonna lie - I love food! And yes, I ate the whole plate of this. Because it was the first vegan mac'n'cheese that I ever made. And because food is my friend, not my enemy. The carbs will allow my body run longer and the beans in the stew (protein) will help to repair my muscless after the training. Eat right, not less.