Lise Raimbault's vegan feast

We played in Angers, France yesterday and after the show, we were escorted upstairs to find that a friend of a friend of the venue prepared a huge vegan meal for the band and crew. Her name is Lise Raimbault. She baked baguettes, butternut squash with marinated tofu filling, made a green salad, carrot salad, spiced nut spreads for the bread, hummus, a vegan pate, roasted potatoes, and for dessert she made tangy cashew almond cheesecake with sweet mango sauce. Everything was insanely delicious and inspiring, almost mystical. Thank you Lise for your generosity and your amazing food! We will always remember this meal <3

VEGAN PATE!! Oh yes, this is my topic of today! :D My mum actually found this for me in Aldi for 79p! lol :D I’ve tried the Vegetable one which is yummy! I just had it one some plain Vegan bread, I think I’m going to try it on toast and crackers aswell :D Quite looking forward to trying the Shitake mushroom one, love mushrooms!! will be having some for dinner I think! lol :D Oh and these aren’t just Dairy Free, they’re Gluten free too! :D Mmmm….. :D


Vegan Pate

This vegan/vegetarian pate has similar seasoning, rich flavor, and smooth texture as liver pate by using smoked hickory salt, fresh rosemary and thyme. Two packages of button mushrooms, a mirepoix/holy trinity/soffrito hybrid, and one cup of sunflower seeds make up the base. Chop all ingredients finely, saute the mirepoix first, add the mushrooms later and let brown, then add about half a cup of dry white wine. After the mixture has cooked down, puree with the sunflower seeds to a very fine, almost paste-like texture. Spread in a baking dish lined with wax paper and refrigerate until set. Serve as a spread over toast points.