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The thing that fucks me off when white vegans respond to omnivores about how white mainstream veganism is is that they never even try to deny it, they just move on to other topics

Like sure the omnis don’t have a leg to stand on morally but that doesn’t make the point invalid? Mainstream veganism is really white, much much whiter than vegans are as a whole. Mainstream veganism is actively racist, actively hostile to people of colour so we’re shut out of large portions of the movement, with white people talking over or attacking us when we bring up racism within the community.

There are /a lot/ of vegans of colour out here producing fantastic content and recipes and talking about intersectional veganism BUT it’s so hard to find them for all the Becky’s Bland-ass Food Blogs and Steve’s Single Issue Lifestyle Blogs.

Vegans of Colour are so overlooked and that’s really disappointing because it’d be easy to rectify if y’all gave Vegans of Colour the same respect and attention that you give white vegans.

recovery-verses  asked:

Do you have any links or resources to learn more about intersectionality in veganism? And possibly any favorite vegan blogs ran by PoC to follow? Thank you!! :)

Hey there - 

I totally recommend reading Christopher Sebastian if you haven’t already. The essay he wrote for striving with systems is really compelling and a good read.

IntersectionalVegan are great

Blackvegansrock are a great blog.

There’s a bunch of vegan youtubers of colour but I don’t really engage with youtube so I don’t have personal reccomendations

Honestly I’m working on finding great Vegans of Colour on tumblr because I’ve not been running this blog long but so far I’ve got @youngblackandvegan @navigatethestream @bostonveganwoc @halloweenvegan @vegankween and @bitterbitchclubpresident

Vegans of Colour please come at me I need to see more of you on my dash


Good morning.

This morning at the beach I heard that Rihanna song “Only Girl (in the world)”. I’m not a big Rihanna fan, but she nailed it for me with her words. I think every girl should feel that way in her relationship.

And then a seagull stole my son’s donut right out of his hands. Nine o'clock in the morning and I’m already ready for a nap!

Happy humpday, y'all

(Not my beach, btw)

I might be having a homesick day.

Making my mom’s incredible Algerian couscous recipe (without meat of course).
I remember when we used to prepare it together, getting up with the sun to start preparing the couscous, taking usually more than 4 hours to be done.

I remember eating chickpeas with a spoon to help the wait until noon.

I remember the smell of spices, I remember how she always used to cook for like 10 persons and we always ended eating the leftovers for a week.

I remember the smell of the sand in the Sahara, I remember playing with the goats my grandmother had.

I remember.

I am not showing my origin so much, but I know where I come from, and I won’t forget it.

And hope my son will embrace his Japanese father part as much as mine.

Boston Vegan WOC - Summer gathering!

Boston Vegan Women of Color: Let’s meet up and celebrate the season changing from SPRING to SUMMER!

**DATE:  Saturday June 27th, 2015 5pm-7:30pm

**LOCATION: FoMu Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe 617 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, (617) 553-2299.  After we get our ice-cream those who are able can join us for a short walk to Jamaica Pond. (A few blocks down on Pond street).

**RSVP: Via this fb invite or email:

**COST: You are required to pay for the cost of your meal.

1. This event is ONLY open to trans & cis women, womyn, non-binary and agender self identified people of color. This will be a safe space for LGBTQ+ and Heterosexual vegan, vegetarian and carnivores who are interested in the Vegan lifestyle.

2. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Boston Vegan Women of Color: OR

If you don’t take a picture of your @starbucks drink, then did you even go? 💁📷☕

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Wasn't that dude gay? No, i just think he liked musical theater.

My names Phil and im 30.  I live in salt lake city and im currently in a relationship with my two cats: Dr Gonzo and Gadjet.  As a gay man, a vegan, and a person of color, i find it important to look at all systems of power and inequality and treat them  with contempt.  It is only by destroying institutions that seek to hinder or harm its people, the environment, or the well-being of those that cannot defend themselves, that we can truly have a society worth living in.  In regards to abolitionist verses welfarist i think they are two halves to the whole.  On the road to true animal liberation it is important to never back down from our ideals, one of which is to ensure the immediate safety of an animals well-being while also trying to liberate them from unjust captivity.  By seeking animal welfare reforms and participating in direct action to free animals we are seeing that immediate upgrade to an animals welfare verses the knowledge that we are still so few and the ones we cannot save deserve a better life before its end.  

I have been a vegan for 8 years now and every day i am alive is a gift and a wonderment.