4.28.2014 - Food Diary Day #190 (vegan)

  • Dr. Praeger’s vegan veggie burger with melted cheddar daiya on whole wheat toast
  • hazelnut chocolates my co-worker brought from France
  • quesadilla with vegan cheese, guacamole and salsa from El Pelon Taqueria in Brighton
  • seaweed salad from Genki-Ya in Cambridge
  • vegetable dumplings from Genki-Ya in Cambridge
  • garden roll on multi-grain rice and mushroom tempura roll on brown rice from Genki-Ya in Cambridge

Had a delicious dinner with my mom at Genki-Ya in Cambridge, an organic sushi place that is extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly.  I haven’t been able to have a ton of sushi since I went vegan, but Genki-Ya is the best vegan sushi I’ve had.  Definitely my go-to and where I bring people who want vegetarian or vegan Japanese food options.

Also- isn’t the purple rice cool!? When I lived in Korea, purple rice came on the side a lot, and it’s super yummy.  It turns purple because they throw a handful of black rice in there with the other rice.  Neat, huh?


NEW RECIPE: ‪#‎Vegan‬ Yaki Onigiri

These stuffed, fried rice patties are a favourite in Japan’s izakayas, - bars that serve food to their customers. Instead of the usual fish or pickled plums, I stuffed these bad boys with nori, shiitake mushrooms, orange peppers and spinach to bring an English breakfast flavour to these awesome little things.

With a little ginger, soy and sesame oil, this dish brings a little Japanese lightness to your morning and sends you on your way with a spring in your step.

Better than a soggy bowl of cereal, no?

Kabocha Squash Soup
Serves Two

2 Small-Medium Kabocha Squashes, of similar size
1 Cup Soymilk
½ Can of Coconut Milk (about 7 oz)
¼ tsp Nutmeg
2 cups of Jain broth (broccoli stems, kale, celery stalk and fresh dill boiled with salt)
1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
Black Pepper to taste
Smoked Paprika or Smoked Chipotle Powder (plain, no additives)

If not making bowls from the rinds, halve squashes, scoop out the seeds and coat with olive oil. Sprinke with salt and place in a 400º F oven for 30 minutes, or until flesh is tender enough to spoon from the rinds.



Facebook daily flashbacks are causing me to reminisce about visiting Japan. I miss it heaps and can’t wait to go back and find all the hidden vegan goodies.

I don’t remember the name of the fast food restaurant, but all over Japan you can get the cheapest noodles with tofu, and 80c warm delicious inari.
The daily staple for the cheap uni student 😂

This place can be found in any of the big cities in shopping centre cafeterias, these were found in Tokyo and Kyoto.

If any of my vegan pals on here know of any amazing places in Japan for food, please send me a message!


Attn. vegan/vegetarian sushi/Japanese lovers: Hero sushi train has vegan/veg options on the train as you probably already know, but they also have a separate veg menu you can order from. I picked almost one of everything and it was made in front of me and handed straight over the train to me. It was all very delicious and I was close to eating my weight in it. Would recommend

Rice rolls with satay sauce

Ingredients: 4 rice paper sheets, a carrot and cucumber chopped or spiralized, 2 mini peppers finely sliced, 1/3 cup of rice, lettuce leaves, for sauce: 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp chilli sauce, 1 tsp soy sauce, squeeze of lime and hot water.


  1. Cook your rice with double the amount of water for 15-20 minutes and stir throughout so it becomes sticky. I used sushi rice!
  2. Get a deep wide tray and filling with boiling water and place in your rice paper sheets for a few seconds until soft. Add in your carrot, cucumber and pepper and roll up. Repeat this.
  3. For the lettuce rolls, take a leaf and fill it with rice and roll it up!
  4. To make the sauce put all the ingredients apart from the hot water in a bowl and whisk. Add splashes of hot water and keep whisking. Add as much water as you like, depending on how thin you want it to be.
  5. Enjoy!

Flo. XOX

Japanese lunch with kale

Yes! I am still eating kale. 

I felt like Japanese so I cooked Japanese lunch.  It’s vegan and gluten free :) 

See…I can sometime cook more than one dish for lunch like Japanese people do! 

Steam kale with tangy tahini sauce - It is Veronique’s favourite way of having kale that was commented in my Facebook page 

Thank you Veronique for the inspiration!

I made Tahini sauce with Tahini, lemon juice and salt. EASY!  Just toss with steamed kale. I used curly kale today.  

Brown rice cooked with chickpea. 

I am trying to eat as much as legume for myself and Mr bean boy friend. I am not big fan of legume but I am crazy about rice, so I can eat legume happily in this way.  I cooked chick pea and brown rice together with pressure cooker. No hustle for cooking chickpea separately!  I put my favourite herb on top to make chickpea even more appealing for me :) 

miso soup with lots of potato and buk choy 

Teriyaki tempe with vegan mayo 

This vegan mayo is really good! I bought from ” The cruelly free shop” 

I am so proud of cooking healthy Japanese dishes….because I normally cook only one or two dishes maximum!