Homemade vegan chicken ramen!
Filled with vegan friendly ramen, Tofurky chicken, carrot, bok choy, mushroom, onion, vegetable stock, sesame oil and garlic/herb soy sauce 🍜
Ingredients sourced from The Cruelty Free shop and the local general supermarket in Melbourne, and used the minimalist baker recipe. Had to miss out on a couple ingredients that we couldn’t find (grape seed oil replaced with vegan friendly extra virgin olive oil and no miso paste used) but still turned out amazing! 😁

😍🤤🍜🌶 black bean noodle salad with kimchi and miso. Entire thing took 5 minutes to prepare and is a great option for those who are more into high protein/low carb or gluten free diets.
It is a little high in sodium though so be warned haha😁

I think it’s great that vegan blogs and channels exist to give people resources on how to create simple vegan meals. However, unfortunately these spaces are incredibly white dominated and it can be inaccessible to PoC. One major way this plays out is with white vegans taking traditional ethnic foods and butchering them. For example, I’m Japanese and my dad has owned sushi restaurants my whole life. I’m very familiar with what is traditional and I’m even okay with places that put a modern spin on classic recipes, as long as they understand where these recipes come from. However, when I see white vegans giving their own weird take on these recipes without knowing what flavors traditionally work together I find it frustrating. I’ve seen so many iterations of “vegan sushi” with ingredients that don’t fucking taste good with seaweed, sushi rice, wasabi, etc. Like y'all please stop putting hummus or black beans or whatever the fuck in your rolls. Stop wrapping your rolls in lettuce instead of seaweed and calling it “Japanese” food. Sushi in the west has already been incredibly Americanized with the use of avocado, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients work really well together and I’m super fine with the evolution of Japanese food in the U.S. because it opens the door for some cool innovations and creativity. I went to a sushi place once with a whole vegan menu that substituted soft shell crab in their spider roll with panko fried oyster mushrooms and it was an incredibly smart and inventive substitute. But dear lord please don’t put ingredients in that don’t fucking taste good together and post it on your blog calling it sushi 💁🏻


Amongst all the amazing Japanese cuisine, there’s a little vegan American styled burger shop 😂
First burger is the cheeseburger filled, second is the felafel burger 🍔

AIN SOPH. Ripple
Shinjuku - Tokyo - Japan