I made my first spell jar today! I had the intent for a home warming jar, something to make my home warm and full of love and protection.
I added feathers, for home, dried rose petals, both red and white. The red being passion, strength, and courage. The white being light, truth, balancing the aura and eliminating doubt. Then I added purple flowers for insight and clarity, and overcoming depression. And lastly I put in rosemary for unwanted nightmares and cleansing. Then Basil for happiness, a steady mind, love and peace, and sea salt, for protection. Then I burned a vanilla incense for calm, kindness and love, and white candles, surrounded by some of my crystals; rose quartz, citrine, tree agate and amazonite.


Really Dasha, dancing in nothing but your underwear on the front porch?

Dasha: “Hell yes!  It’s not like I’m naked or showing my nip nops or anything…oh wait, one did fly out the side of my shirt for a minute.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So just your average Monday night for Dasha.  She definitely has the artistic personality - uninhibited with a streak (pun intended) of exhibitionism.

I’ve never felt more at home and happy than I have here.✨🍃 I somehow knew for years, without ever being here, that Hawaii was my dream place to live. Now, I know why. Ps. Just posted a NEW WHAT I EAT VLOG on my channel! 👏🏼 Epic vegan food, and epic views of Kauai… check it out! 🌺 Link to vid is in my bio.