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I’ve written a lot about holiday traditions—and lack thereof—in the previous weeks. I’ve written about creating rituals that sustain and hearten, and how the absence of such rituals can be particularly difficult in times of celebration and gathering. We all want, at the end of the day, to feel held, embraced, buoyed by the people around us, and the beauty we share with those people. But, increasingly, we live far from family, and often even farther from places that really feel like home. I’m still not sure Los Angeles feels like home to me, but, more than ever before, I want it to.

My list of New Year’s resolutions reads more like a home improvement to-do list than a set of self-improvement goals. I’m fine with my diet, but my walls need art, my closets need cleaning, my storage system needs reorganizing, my kitchen needs a major overhaul. Perhaps it’s because my publisher just sent the Kale & Caramel cookbook off to the printer in China and I’m already itching for the next thing, but I’m deeply interested in nesting right now. Nesting, and making homemade holiday gifts, that is.

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Good morning.

Today’s thought: What is the most valuable thing you can give a person?

For me, the answer will always be time spent together. I love to connect with my relationships (friends, family, love, etc…) Time is easy for some & hard for others. I try to give it as much as possible. That said– don’t underestimate the value of investing in yourself. Happily spend that precious time with yourself and remember that life is too short to wait for someone else to see your value.

Happy Tuesday!


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say it with soap // vegan soap trio giftset by viceandvelvet

in this perfectly giftable set, viceandvelvet lets you choose three of their beautiful individually-wrapped bar soaps in your fave scents, plus choose a cute message to include like “you are loved” or “hello gorgeous.”


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vegan-friendly bath and beauty by hopscotchlondon

hopscotchlondon is a cool minimalist UK-based shop, and they sell a bunch of vegan beauty and bath and body items like these bath salts and nail polish. super pretty, hey? and a great gift idea for any vegan.