Crystal King’s Feast of Sorrow brings readers into the kitchens of ancient Rome, where nobles and slaves jockeyed for position by using food as bargaining chips for personal and professional advancement.

The novel is based on the real life of ancient Roman noble Marcus Gavius Apicius, who is thought to have inspired and contributed to the world’s oldest surviving cookbook. But King tells her story from the point of view of a slave named Thrasius, a talented cook who is purchased by Apicius for the unimaginable sum of 20,000 denarii, about 10 times the yearly wages of a common soldier.

What Did Ancient Romans Eat? New Novel Serves Up Meals And Intrigue

if you’re making ppl feel like they’re not “good” or “real” vegans bc of their weight, then you’re doing it wrong. you are missing the entire purpose of this lifestyle, and you’re not doing the animals OR the ppl you’re interacting with any favors. if anything, you’re actually discouraging ppl from going vegan and advocating for the animals.
stop making ppl feel unsafe within a community that is based on justice and compassion. stop making ppl feel like they’re doing something wrong by existing in their own bodies. it’s unacceptable.


To answer your questions… this is what I eat :)

😍🤤🍜🌶 black bean noodle salad with kimchi and miso. Entire thing took 5 minutes to prepare and is a great option for those who are more into high protein/low carb or gluten free diets.
It is a little high in sodium though so be warned haha😁


2 really happy recent things:
-Since eating as much food as my body wants and needs my hair has about doubled in thickness and gotten really soft.
- I’m finally able to be with the superb people in my life and feel like I’m once again genuinely there with them, able to hear and understand what they’re saying.

NACHO cravings sorted😛✔️✔ Recreating wholesome and cruelty-free versions of old favourites is one of my favourite things to do. And even more so when they end up tasting much better than I remember👌🏼Crispy oil-free chips layered with spicy black bean + pulled oyster mushroom chilli, corn, baby spinach, fresh coriander and drizzle of tahini💫🌿 #vegan
What are your favourite dishes to recreate??

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