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I looked in the mirror everyday as a teenager and I fucking hated myself, I hated my sunken eyes and my short awkward limbs, I couldn’t stand my flabby stomach and I found myself unable to get out of bed most days. I’m 25 and have been vegan for almost 9 years now and I don’t hate what I see anymore. I took that self hatred and I made a fucking change. Push yourself to greatness.

The Only American Male Weightlifter to Compete at the Olympics Is Vegan. This Is What He Eats…

U.S. Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris has been making headlines with his protein-packed vegan diet.

According to The Huffington Post, 30-year-old Farris ditched meat out of respect for animals:

“I don’t necessarily trust the way the food is being processed,” he said. “I don’t agree with the way the animals are mass-slaughtered. So that’s one thing that kind of got me looking at what they call a vegan diet.”

So what does this superhero-like strong man eat?

On a typical day, Farris enjoys a breakfast of oatmeal or pancakes. His staple midday snack is a plant-based protein shake. Before working out, he digs into some avocado quesadillas with Go Veggie pepper jack slices for lunch.

Between meals, Farris snacks on guacamole and black bean chips, and he often has black bean quesadillas for dinner. If he’s still hungry before bed, he sips on another protein shake. He said the key to enjoying delicious plant-based meals is to take whatever you ate before going vegan and modify it.

When asked whether he felt restricted on a vegan diet, Farris said, “I think a lot of people look at things as being restrictions, but that kind of shows me the way they view life. I don’t view it as restriction ― I look at what I can eat, what’s going to be the best source of energy for me.”

The Olympian’s high-protein diet keeps him in top physical condition. He said that he feels lighter, cleaner, and more clearheaded these days.

Farris is not the only athlete to switch to a vegan diet. In fact, he joins a long list of vegan Olympians, including Seba Johnson, Carl Lewis, Ronda Rousey, Cam Awesome, and Venus and Serena Williams.

Join the millions of people who have made the compassionate decision to ditch animal products.

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interested in weightlifting, vegan goodness, or nutrition in general….check it out!


A world record 672 lbs deadlift at bodyweight of 176 lbs. He’s lifting 3.8 x his bodyweight, some incredible feat.

Vegetarian for 15 years and then vegan the last 10 years.


Making those vegan gains


In lieu of deadlift day today I did a three mile morning hike to The Hill (as we call it) here by my dorm and also went indoor rock climbing with the international group for a couple hours.

I really like hikes on Sundays - they’ve been a consistent favorite for me for a while.

Climbing is so challenging, and I love how conquering fear is mixed with strength and strategy. I’d love to do it way more often.

I find that doing some ^real* movements invigorate my soul and my workouts.

If my strength isn’t used for fun and adventure, what’s the point?

PS that’s me in the red crop tank with spaghetti straps climbing the hanging type wall in the first pic and then hitting the top of the other wall in last.

Ok there’s a lot of bs I wish I could talk about on an ig post but I’m going to keep this “short”. I’m currently on a fitness program where I’ve been tracking my food for about 7 weeks and I’m in a caloric deficit which should make it harder to get micronutrients in right? And on top of that mass media and people will tell you that because I’m vegan I should be deficient in micronutrients right? Well as you can see by these numbers I’m doing BETTER than MOST people my age and older than me! Being vegan doesn’t have to be complicated or hard, people like to tell you it is, it’s not some mathematical equation I put together every day to hit things like calcium and iron….I just do because I eat healthy and I take care of myself….that’s it #vegan

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@Regrann from @standup911 - Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter, and Olympian who went vegan in late 2014. He broke the American lifting record for clean-and-jerk with three lifts totaling 377 kg (743 lbs) in May of 2016. Now he just Broke the Olympic Record in 2016. Many doubt a Vegan lifestyle, but soon Vegans will be on top of every competitive competition. From the vegan #MMA star @nickdiaz209 destroying their top contender too a Vegan Weight Lifter. When vegans are asked “Where do we get your protein from”, our answer should be “Not from dead decaying flesh”! #Standup911 #bethechange #vegan #weightlifting #love #humanity #veganbodybuilding #olympics #KendrickFarris #NateDiaz #Regrann

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spacesamidlove  asked:

Hi! For your anon looking to know what vegan Olympians eat - NBC did a piece on Kendrick Farris, a vegan weightlifter competing for the US. Not sure how good the piece was because I didn't watch the whole thing but it's easy to find on Google and maybe worth checking out :)!


I’ll have to check this out too!! Thank you :)