vegan warning

Since some people seem to be really misunderstanding what disabled non-vegans are saying when we call out ableist vegans, let me clarify.

Things that nobody is calling ableist:
- Veganism itself
- People going vegan

Things that actually are ableist:
- Claiming that everyone is able to go vegan
- Treating veganism as a requirement for being a good person
- Saying that any reason for not going vegan is an “excuse”
- Attempting to make others feel guilty for not being vegan*
- Saying its only okay not to be vegan if you are disabled AND feel guilty about it
- Claiming that veganism will magically cure anyone of their disability, especially if said disability has actually been proven to get worse when people with that particular disability go vegan
- Not listening to disabled people who call you out on any of these, especially if you then mock them

* that’s mostly just manipulative, but if a person has an anxiety disorder and you do this to them, you are ableist trash


pairing: mark x reader

requested? nope.

summary: cheaters are supposed to feel bad, aren’t they?

word count: 2190

author: ash (enjoy the show folks)

WARNINGS: vegan smut.

People don’t cheat. That’s a philosophy that was wired in everyone’s brain from day one.

Cheating is bad, their parents would say, don’t do it. It hurts peoples’ feelings.

Yet here Mark lays, a girl who isn’t his girlfriend, cuddled up on his bare chest, sleeping soundly. He can’t help his fingers going across her skin, and he can’t help the feeling of wanting to kiss her forehead just because.

This girl may not have been his girlfriend, but it was his best friend. Someone he confided in so much, and so whole heartedly because they’d been friends since the beginning. But he didn’t think last night, when he came over, that he would wake up in her bed, naked, and have her sleeping next to him, also naked.

He wants to get up, to shake all of this off and believe it’s just a dream because there’s no possible way he just did this. He can’t have just slept with his best friend, no. He just came over and they both decided that sleeping naked, with each other, was the best course of action. Yeah.

Fuck,” he whispered to himself.

Looking down at the girl, he felt goosebumps rise on his chest as she breathed, fanning warm and cold air across it. Although he appreciated this sight, he knew that it was wrong. He knew that there was another girl back at her own apartment, in love with him and who cared for him in unimaginable ways.

But he also knew that Y/N, this girl, loved him, too. She’d said so last night, sitting on top of his naked body, glistening with sweat. And guess what he said, in turn.

“I love you, too.”

Did he mean it? Absolutely. Did he mean it in that way? Well. Maybe. The jury was still out on that one.

He felt like a sixth grader, talking about whether or not he had a crush on that one girl who sat next to him in math class. Even if that girl was beautiful, and made him blush and giggly and happy and fuck.

Mark closed his eyes, sighing quietly and propping his arm against his chest. There was no way out of this. As much as he knew he should end this right here, right now – walk out, never mention it again – he couldn’t. He could not bring himself to leave Y/N, not like this, not now, not ever.

The smaller girl on his chest began to stir, taking a deep breath in and snuggling deeper into his chest. He knew that if he gave it a few seconds, she would shoot up and look thoroughly stricken and confused. So he didn’t open his eyes, and just as he predicted, his arm fell off her shoulder and her hand applied pressure to his chest as she propped herself up.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” she whispered, her legs moving against Mark’s underneath the blanket.

Letting his head turn just a bit, waiting for a feeling of cool air against his body, Mark continued to play being asleep. But, much to his surprise, she just shook his chest, whispering his name in a frantic manner.

“Mark, oh my god, please wake up,” she pleaded.

Opening his eyes slowly, he looked up at her. He saw nothing but fright, guilt and innocence in her tired eyes. “Hi.”

“Mark, I, I didn’t mean for this, I didn’t- oh god, your girlfriend is going to kill me, she’s going to murder me, I’m going to die in a few hours and it’ll be my fault,” she freaked, looking around Mark’s chest but not moving out of the bed.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he whispered, sitting up and looking at her with kind eyes, “it’s okay. Things happened last night. We didn’t mean for this to happen, I promise it’s okay.”

Morally speaking, should Mark have been this calm about this whole situation? No, absolutely not. But there was just something in his heart that told him that this was right, that waking up next to Y/N was one of the best things in the world.

Y/N sighed, looking down at her fingers on Mark’s chest before looking back up at him, “are you going to tell her?”

“Well,” Mark cupped her face for a second, not daring to look down for the sake of them both, “I don’t know. I don’t want to lie, but I can’t tell her that I slept with you, she’d be furious. She already doesn’t like you too much.”

His best friend, who looked absolutely terrified yet at peace at the same time, just looked around his face. She wanted nothing more than to jump up, take his lips in a kiss and just continue what happened last night. But her thoughts told her to stop, to just take a second and breathe, take all of this shit in.

“Mark,” she whispered after a span of silence.

Y/N,” he responded.

She looked down at the sheets pooled around his waist, then up his chest and finally making eye contact with him. Seeing him like this, right in front of her, looking dishevelled from last night because of her, it made that thought of being patient slip away. 

She breathed in and whispred to Mark, “I’m so sorry for being so selfish.”

Before he could respond, she tangled her fingers in his hair on the back of his head and pulled him close. Much to her surprise, he didn’t resist. He leaned forward and met her in the middle, hands gripping her stomach and pulling her flush against him. They were both quite aware they shouldn’t be doing this, but every single bone in their body ached for each other.

He needed her body against his, to feel her lips underneath his own, to just have her. Any and all reason went out the window as she gave into his pull, pushing her naked torso against his own. His fingertips felt like fire against her skin, brushing across every crevasse and curve with one fell swoop.

She began rocking her hips against his, sheet rubbing against sheet. There would be time to get rid of that sheet, but not now. Now was the wait filled with fingers, lips, teeth, whispers, moans, teasing.

Mark broke from her kiss, eyes still closed, diving straight for her neck. Starting by her jaw, he felt her head roll back under his lips, only giving him further access to the one spot that drove her insane. He started out with small kisses, pecking down her throat, occasionally nipping here and there, but nothing with enough ferocity to leave a hickey.

But then he traveled back up to the sweet spot, and after all the time she had been silent, she finally breathed a soft moan. Something sparked in Mark, and soon, he was letting go of the soft kisses and nipping more just under her jaw. Her hands rode up his chest and gripped his shoulders, a desperate and quiet moan leaving her lips.

Mark’s hands traveled up her sides, thumbs coming to rest on her nipples as he busied his mouth with her throat more. As his hands did their work, Y/N let her fingers grip Mark’s longer hair, pulling a little as his lips moved from her neck to her collarbone, down to her chest, and replaced his fingers.

Now, her hips rocked subconsciously more than ever, only urging Mark on. His need for her was only becoming bigger, an unstoppable urge to just take her becoming more than evident. He just needed to tease her, just for a few minutes more. So he let his tongue do the work, sending chills up her spine as he breathed against her chest.

A few moments later, the sheets were gone and their bodies were moving as one. Mark had laid her on her back and was being relentless yet caring. His mind was clouded with a lust for her, more than loving the sight of her moving as he thrusted forward, clenching for his arms and doing her best to restrain from scratches down his back.

Leaning forward, Mark kept up his pace and pressed his lips to hers, using one hand to hold her cheek and the other to prop himself up. Her hands gripped at his neck, her legs wrapping around his hips as he continued to pleasure her in such a way that only he was capable of. They both knew they wouldn’t hold out for long, but he kept his pace, just wanting to keep the moment between them going.

In his mind, there was no one in the world but Mark and Y/N. There were no worries, no doubts or fears. Just her, her moans, her touch, the feeling of her. He loved every single part of her, every blemish, curve, divot. It was all put together to make this beautiful being that he was hopelessly in love with whether he liked it or not.

He grunted as she pressed her forehead against his shoulder, tightening around him as she was hit with that wonderful euphporic high. He wasn’t short after, collapsing on top of her and tucking his face in her neck. He suddenly felt cold as the air washed over his nude body, but it was okay because Y/N was completely warm underneath him.

After a span of quiet, filled with pants and fingers trailing across skin, Y/N whispered, “Glad I’m on birth control.”

Mark laughed quietly, looking at her from just a bit above her shoulder. She smiled back, giggling softly and kissing his collarbone. He flopped on his back, her balancing on her elbow and his chest as she kissed his neck. She knew that Mark was a sucker for neck kisses, seeing as his neck was one of the more sensitive spots on his body.

So each kiss felt like magic to Mark, and the slight nip every now and then was like heaven. “Baby,” he whispered, not even realizing he let it slip. But that didn’t stop the girl from kissing his neck a little harder, being careful enough to not leave a hickey.

Once she was satisfied with the puddle she had turned Mark into, she collapsed on her back next to him, grasping his hand in her own. She let herself calm down before asking quietly, “Baby?”

Mark looked at her, seeing only her profile as she stared at the ceiling, and for a moment, he mulled it over in his mind. He called her baby, effortlessly. There was no thought, no forced urge, it just slipped. And he didn’t mind it, quite honestly. “Baby,” he confirmed.

Y/N sighed, looking over at Mark and letting her smile fall, “You know there’s someone who already has that spot filled, Mark.”

Mark looked around his best friend’s features, staying silent as that reality slapped him in the face. He’d have to get home soon, too. Fuck.

Leaning over and pecking her nose, he smiled softly and whispered, “Yeah, I know.”

She breathed a sigh, watching as Mark climbed out of her bed and began putting his clothes on. His back muscles flexed as he pulled up his boxer briefs, then his pants. It took him a moment to find his shirt, and once he did, he didn’t put it on straight away. He turned back her, making eye contact and smiling softly.

Walking toward the bed, he leaned forward and placed one last kiss on her lips before backing out of her room and closing the bedroom door. He put his shirt on as he left and climbed in his car, checking his pockets for his phone and slightly panicking when it wasn’t there. But before he could get out, a tap came from his window and Y/N stood there, dressed in a t-shirt that looked like it was his, a smirk on his face.

“So I figured you might need something,” she taunted, holding up his phone between her fingers, “but do you really?”

Mark laughed, snatching the phone from her hands and smiling at her. “Nice shirt,” he commented.

“Yeah, I know, I got it from a friend, you probably know him. Name’s Mark, great guy,” she joked.

“I think I’ve heard of him, but you’ll have to reintroduce us sometime.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Y/N laughed, shaking her head and tapping his roof, “get home safe, Mark.”

Mark only smiled, rolling up his window as she walked around his car and back to her place. She waved to Mark before walking inside, and Mark felt happier than ever. Starting up the car and unlocking his phone, he sat for a second before deciding to find a picture of him and his best friend in his camera roll.

It was usually in his nature to do that, but for some reason, something in him compelled him to set her as his screensaver, so within seconds, there they were. Him smiling as she laughed at his dumb joke. Locking the phone, he drove off.

But, as he did, worry set in. What would she think?

my roommate andy hurley

andy: hey can you take the trash ou-

anonymous asked:

"So if you’re publishing your work, it’s no longer just about your right to enjoy yourself." Well, here's the thing - it kinda is. Not because writing (esp. fanfic) is inherently self indugent, though that's true too. But because we tag, we warn, we summarize, and just because it's published doesn't mean you HAVE to read it. It's the difference between inviting a vegan to dinner but warning them "there will be meat there, though" vs kidnapping them and shoving a burger down their throat.

That distinction seems to be lost on some people. I can’t help but think it’s because we’re coddling teenagers and young adults too much. Helicopter parents, and all. This idea of wanting to create a “safe space” for people in their early twenties, wanting to protect them from everything that might negatively influence or affect them…

Warning: vegan rant

I was at this event last night hosted by the SPCA and there were no vegan options for food and I’ve been a vegan for a long time and a vegetarian for even longer so I understand not having options it happens all the time but it’s just IRONIC that I was at an event to help animals but all of the food offered there either was an animal or contained animal products like let’s save cats and dogs but fuck everything else right??

It is quite common in the vegan community that explicit photos and videos of animal abuse are shown with little to no trigger warnings. Even if you suggest a trigger warning, you are told you are being oppressive and silencing them. No, we are merely saying that animal abuse is triggering for many and it is unfair and traumatic to force people to watch/see things they do not want/can not see. Usually the videos do not even have any subtitles making it even more difficult to be accessible. 


@ people who are saying they hate me bc i’m a “pretentious fuck who never shuts up about veganism”:
you are on *my* blog, a vegan blog with a vegan username (fair warning in my book). you are the ones commenting on *my* posts.

we live in a world of big macs, bbqs, aquariums, and leather shoes. we live in a society built on the exploitation of the vulnerable. if you want to avoid hearing about veganism, don’t follow vegans. blacklist tags or even block us. just understand that we don’t have that option. we live in a world where our minds, hearts and senses are constantly assaulted by animal abuse and exploitation. by the smell of cooking flesh and the images of their dead bodies neatly packaged on shelves. it is all around us. it is never ending and it is entirely unavoidable for us. part of why i even have this blog is because of that fact.

so yes, i use *my* vegan blog to talk about what i believe in. if that makes you hate me, so be it. but you are expending your energy in the wrong place. it doesn’t matter if you hate me or not. none of this is about you.

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Do you eat food that says "may contain traces of milk/ egg/..."?

Yes, I do. These warnings are in place for allergen reasons, they are to warn that there is the possibility of cross-contamination due to the factory in question handling milk/eggs as well as the product you’re consuming, not that the product itself contains milk/eggs. This is similar to the warning about nuts on pretty much everything you buy, producers put this on for legal reasons even when there is almost no chance that the product you’re eating will have come into contact with nuts. If you have allergies then this is best to avoid, but in terms of veganism this warning is on almost everything and these products are perfectly fine to eat. Just check ingredients or do a quick google search to be sure.