vegan tamale


I love vegan food, but maybe you should tell people about your food before you serve them. 

I watched once a video were a guy made sloppy joe’s out of Jaca, and didn’t tell his friends. Is kind of important, because this fruit is exotic, can cause allergic reactions and skin rash, also, can give problems to people with diabetes :s

This is highly important if you dont wanna kill your friends also. My sibling, allergic to soy, is right now in the bathroom and cannot go out because someone in their DD group wanted to surprise everybody with soy Tamales :s  

Vegan food is great, but even if you fear regret from your friends, remember also that nuts, gluten and soy are in high rates of allergenes :s

Amy's Black Bean Tamale Verde

This is so accurate to a real tamale it’s scary! I mean, for a frozen meal, it heats up really well and tastes great. It’s both dairy and gluten free. The tamale itself is super tasty and hearty with a nice corn flavor and it’s filled with corn, black beans, and zucchini I believe. The Mexican rice tastes great and there’s also a fabulous green salsa too! It’s honestly like the best salsa ever!

I don’t think a non-vegan would miss any meat or dairy by eating this. In fact, I gave some to my mom to try and she said it was really good! It’s a great meal to get if you don’t feel like cooking and are craving Mexican.

I buy this at Safeway or Whole Foods, and I think Target now carries these too.

Cost: About $3.99

Final Rating: 9/10