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🌿Green smoothie~ kale, lemon, clementine, frozen pineapple, frozen banana
Layered with oil free granola, + the freshest blueberries & strawberries

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Baobab raspberry smoothie bowl with fresh and frozen berries, peaches, grapes and my favorite @GrazeUSA flapjack snack that’s both vegan and made with super foods. @GrazeUSA offers a ton of snack packs options. Oh, their Beet Chips mixed with jalapeño chickpeas are my absolute favorite. You should def give ‘em a try. Head over to @GrazeUSA to find out how you can get a FREE box of Graze!

I wanted a purple smoothie after watching @planetumoja sip on one this morning. So here we have a maqui PB smoothie:

3 dates
2 frozen bananas
1 tsp. maca
2 tbsp. creamy unsalted peanut butter
1 cup water
1 tbsp. maqui powder (from @nature.restore)

Blend until smooth. X

Let me feed you: Chia Hemp Pudding with Açaí Sorbet, PB, Macadamia Nuts + Frozen Blueberries.

You have to really love hemp to appreciate this pudding. It has a very distinct flavor. Many folks who are new to this lifestyle may not like it. But it’s oh-so good for you. And once you get the hang of introducing new nourishing foods into your regimen things like hemp begin to taste gooooood.

Chia Hemp Pudding


1 cup spring water
¼ cup chia seeds
3 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp almond butter
1-2 tbsp maple syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)

Blend the water, hemp seeds, almond butter and syrup until frothy. Pour hemp mylk into a bowl and add chia seeds. Whisk until incorporated and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Whisk again and transfer to a serving cup. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

For açaí ice cream I simply blended 2 scoops (about 1 cup) of Açaí Roots sorbet with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Next, I folded in about ½ cup of frozen blueberries. I then topped the açaí sorbet over the chia pudding and sprinkled chopped macadamias.

You know how I feel about chocolate. I’m not ashamed to say that I eat it every day. Chocolate is sacred to me.

Sweet treats for today: GF toast topped with apples, bananas & strawberries and a whirl of @Nutiva dark chocolate hazelnut spread which coincidently tastes amazing on banana ice cream. @Nutiva also offers a classic hazelnut spread but I always choose dark when given the option. The darker the chocolate the healthier it is and the closer it is to its purest form. These #ConsciousCurators produce chocolate spreads that are organic, non-GMO, vegan and 40% less sugar than other brands. Needless to say they’re winning in my book.

Nutiva spreads are available for purchase on

Let me feed you…

Homemade vegan tempeh chili from last night’s @CookReel SnapChat takeover. I have so much fun sharing recipes with you! If you missed it, no worries! I will be at it again next Wednesday at 6pm. Come join me. 😉

Made a tropical green smoothie this afternoon to perk me up 😎💪

2 cups spinach
1+½ cup coconut milk
1 banana
½ frozen banana
1 kiwi (I kept the skin on and just cut off the ends)
1 huge handful frozen pineapple
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 serving vegan protein powder
Frozen mango topping

Note: I went a little crazy with the spinach because I ❤️ spinach SO MUCH so this made about 1.5 servings. Whoops 🙈

If you don’t like the taste of protein powder in a liquid like me, definitely leave it out. I just needed a little recovery boost for my sore muscles! I have yet to find a protein powder that actually tastes good and doesn’t leave a weird texture in my smoothies 😔 If anyone else has please please PLEASE message me about it, I will be forever grateful!!!

Because of the super cold weather in North Carolina I haven’t been able to run so I just did yoga yesterday but WOW was it a workout and so centering! Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out:

3k+ of a Zimbits AU

AU where Bitty is a food blogger/vlogger (okay so it’s not that au yet). He’s all about pies, and sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for you food which tastes amazing. But he’s also into following trends and health food is the next big one. Superfoods, and vegan diets and all that stuff (turning slightly au now). So he starts mixing in some more health focused recipes alongside his usual stuff. But it’s still based around the sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for-you stuff. So it’s vegan chocolate cakes with ingredient substitutions that actually are mouth-wateringly good, and faux fruit mince pies with nuts, and just, really tasty ‘dessert’ and ‘treat’ type foods that are, like, healthy.

So while that’s going on, Georgia assistant GM for The Falconers, and their nutritionist - let’s call her Martha - are at the end of their tether with hockey players who rue their meals plans and dietary restrictions. They’re basically whiny and Georgia and Martha did not sign up for this. So Martha, whose been following Bitty’s vlog for almost a year now, suggests that Georgia contacts him to see if he’s willing to partner with Martha and actually figure out some recipes that are not going to make the team go crazy from carb overload and sugar withdrawal.

So that’s the premise. But this is really a Jack/Bitty story. So…

Bitty is flustered because he played hockey in college and he still keeps up with it and he really appreciates how The Falconers are progressing as a team. And Jack Zimmermann, first out athlete in the NHL, is on that team so Bitty has a soft spot for him the team. So after asking for some time to think it over, and then using that time to panic and swear and ring up his parents, he accepts the offer.

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El martes fue #pancakeday pero no pude cocinar así que hoy he preparado unos #pancakes de vicio para compensar. Estoy enganchada! Hoy los hice con:🔹Media taza de harina integral 🔹 Media taza de leche de avena 🔹1 cucharada de levadura 🔹una pizca de sal🔹1/2 cucharada de azúcar 🔹un poco de zumo de limón 🔹1 cucharada de semillas de lino con 3 de agua🔹unas pasas🔹1 cucharada de maca powder🔹canela (opcional)
Por encima llevan plátano, kiwi, semillas de granada, nueces y avellanas tostadas 😋

Low Carb Vegan Breakfast Muffins

You will need: 

3 Ripe Bananas – mix them up until smooth

1 cup chia seeds (not nessasary but add additional protein)

1 cup sliced almonds

dash of cinnamon (to speed up metabolism)

5 - 8 cups oats (I usually use a mix of rough cut and fine ones) – precise amount will vary depending on the size of the bananas – constancy is fine when the batter is more sticky than liquid

(frozen) berries to taste

Mix everything up in said order. Fill the batter in some cupcake liners (silicone works best – paper is also fine). Bake every for ca. 25-30 minutes until the tops turn slightly brown. Let them cool down before eating.

I usually take one to go for breakfast as you can prepare them for the whole week up front. Super easy and healthy breakfast! Enjoy!

Blueberry chia pudding ✨

For this recipe you only need two ingredients: chia seeds and frozen blueberries.
Add the blueberries directly from the freezer to a pot and heat it up until the blueberries dissolve. Add the warm berries to your wanted container and add about 1 tbls chia seeds depending on the amount of of blueberries used. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, topped with fresh berries, granola or anything else you can imagine 😋