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Today is Saturday which means tomorrow is Sunday which means the weekend is already almost over :c

1. I read Romans 8 this morning and it was so wonderful to immerse myself in the Word. I, admittedly, haven’t put enough time into being quiet and still in His presence. But He is so good and giving when I finally do sit down and pray.

2. This is my little set up on my window. Thought y'all might like seeing it. :^) on the lights that strong across the window, ive hung the notes and cards that people write me. Hand written messages are the best thing ever!!

3. I got my new running shoes in the mail!!!!!!!

4. /5. I ran 4 miles to break in the new shoes. I don’t know if it was my sore legs, the high pollen levels, or the newness of my shoes, but it felt heavy and slow running those 4 miles. It’s okay though- ya win some ya lose some, right? 😊

6. I made vegan mac and cheese and topped green beans and baby spinach with a big ol scoop of the mac and cheese. It was so good and I’m so so so so glad I’ve been experimenting with non animal products to make old comfort foods. :^)

7. /8. I made it to work today and honestly, I had an awful shift. I’m sitting with a patient who is really difficult, and for the first few hours I was so pissed. The patient has been readmitted multiple times and being a sitter for them is just really hard. They’re extremely demanding and require a lot of care. They’re also autistic and cognitively handicapped (read: they were born with cognitive impairments, AND are autistic in addition to that). Anyway– i just wanted to share because even the best of us get really frustrated with the nature of our work. I love what I do, but I’m human, and get really irritated by patients who can’t always help their behavior or life situations. But still there is grace- for me, for my patients, for everyone. It’s ok to admit that today you just really couldn’t handle that difficult person. Just don’t let it significantly impact how you care for them.

I honestly had to give some of my lunch away today cause I was way too full after the pesto pasta and. Fruits. 🌞😊 the peanut 🥜 bliss balls were totally awesome 👏🏾 though.
Gotta have an awesome lunch if I need energy to study later.😉

Pesto pasta
Peanut butter bliss balls
Pine nut Hummus
Fruits 🍈🍍

The weathers getting warmer but I still need my coffee hit! Here’s a quick and delicious iced coffee recipe (with about half the sugar you find in the shop bought stuff and just as delicious). 

Soy Vanilla Iced Latte. 

1. Get a blender/ food processor / smoothie maker. 

2. Pour in 700ml soy milk, 1 mug fresh black coffee (with sweetener, to taste) - this should have been cooled for about an hour in the fridge, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 cups ice cubes. Pulse and enjoy!


Reading Anna Karenina underneath the blossom tree near my house, and sipping on some sweeeet plant based chocolate milk:)

if you’re a student like me, you probably don’t have much time or money to make nice food (we’ve all lived off ramen/bread at least once). allow me to introduce you to my super easy, cheap, creamy, delicious vegan pumpkin soup. this is my absolute favourite autumn meal, especially now that the november chill has set in. I love to sprinkle seeds and some parsley from my lil plant on top and have it with lots of yummy homemade bread. keep reading for the recipe & a price breakdown 🍂✨

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Had a really long day at work but I have been eating so much crap lately and decided it’s time to make a change. I also have a very form fitting dress to wear for my graduation in two weeks so need to start eating healthier. The great thing about flatbreads is you can really top them with anything. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going. Sainsbury’s sell a pack of four for under a pound, they freeze and you can just pop them in the toaster! I made enough to have some leftover for work tomorrow as well so a win win all round…

Flatbread topped with a fried egg, baked paprika chickpeas and sweet potato and a warm courgette and spinach salad. 

Baked Chickpeas: 

(Serves 2 - large portions)

1. Preheat the oven to 180*. Drain one tin of chickpeas and pop in a tea towel to dry off (this step is important as it helps the peas become extra crisp). 

2. Chop ½ a large sweet potato in to small chunks and add to a small baking dish - add the chickpeas then cover in olive oil (this is really up to you and how healthy you are, but the more you add the crispier they will be!) sprinkle over some salt and bake for 25 minutes. 

3. Add paprika and cumin and stir. Serve as a snack or to top a flatbread or salad.  

Warm Courgette & Spinach salad

(Serves 2 - large portions)

1. Finely chop ½ a red onion, one clove of garlic and julienne 2/3 a courgette (this is a fancy word for chopping in to sticks). Put a large wok on a medium heat and add a splash of olive oil and 1tsp of oregano

2. Allow the oil to heat then add your onion and garlic. Let this soften, then add your courgette. Keep stirring then wash your spinach. Wilt the spinach in, add ½ a chopped avocado and 1tbsp of torn fresh basil

3. Easy as that!

10 tips - Healthy & happy breakfasts for students

1. Fresh juicy mango, cut in pieces, sprinkled with coconut flakes and pecans.
2. Cherry chocolate smoothie; 1,5 cup of cherries, half a banana, a tablespoon of cacao and 2 cups of almond milk.
3. Mashed avocado on toast, sprinkled with chili flakes.
4. Overnight oats met strawberries; a cup of oats, a teaspoon of chia seeds, a drop vanilla extract, a cup of coconut milk, a cup of water and a teaspoon of maple syrup. Topped with fresh strawberries.
5. Half a watermelon with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Spoon it out!
6. Coconut yogurt with chocolate granola and blueberries.
7. Banana pancakes; 1 banana mashed with 1 cup of oat flour, stir in almond milk until you reach the right consistency of a pancake batter. Cook with some oil and top with fruit of syrup.
8. Toasty with peanut butter, cinnamon and sliced banana.
9. Acai bowl deluxe at home: frozen acai mixed with a banana, a few strawberries and some almond milk. Top with granola and fresh fruit. Such a fancy meal!
10. Baked beans with 10-min oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, sliced avocado and whole wheat toast.

– If you are have a busy day of studying; start the day well and treat yourself with one of these breakfasts! It takes only a max of 10 minutes and give you a great start of the day! They are delicious, luxurious but simple and very healthy. They are all made of only plants, have no cholesterol or saturated fats, only vitamins and energy. <3 Happy studying!