vegan stars

No, but seriously, Scotty and Keenser are going to be such proud uncles to Jaylah as she rips her way through the Engineering track at Starfleet Academy

Phở is literally a healing thing for me. Whenever I’m tired or feeling sick, I always crave Phở and after eating this beautiful dish it makes feel so warm and “loved" haha 🤗

So for the broth I used: apple, pear, carrot, kohlrabi, corn, leek, onions, sugar, salt and grilled ginger, cinnamon stick, star anise, black cardamom. 

For the toppings I steamed bok choy and I also fried tofu, mushrooms and bean curd sheet with mushroom seasoning powder, soy sauce, a bit salt, sugar and pepper. 

Then just put the pho noodle and toppings in a bowl, garnish with some finely chopped green onions and eat with some bean sprouts, sliced onions, lime, basil and long coriander. Also put some hoisin and siracha sauce as well. And there you go, a perfect vegan Phở! 😋 

Sooo my dash is pretty dead and I’m looking for more blogs to follow. Feel free to like or reblog this if you post about:

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-Star Wars (especially Carrie Fisher)
-art stuff
-the ocean/whales
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