vegan songs


My current household lol. ‘The melancholic vegan’ with her daughter. They are such fun to play.
After a nasty breakup with Isla’s father, Song-Alison moved to LA and was able to buy a small house at the beach thanks to her bohemian sister.
There’s a small vegetable patch near the house. Song-Alison’s diet must not contain protein, eggs or milk. I love that challenge.
Song isn’t to fond of people so I have her neighbors drop by uninvited by using Nraas MC. She hates it. She loves spending time at her sister’s place though.


I Will Be Their Voice

Vegan Smythe


Some people take life, take so much life. And then there are those that give life 🙏 rp @vegans_are_fucking_awesome (Song is Love Power by @DonnyArcade Now Available Everywhere @PantheonEliteRecords

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