vegan sign

the signs: stranded on a desert island

aries : tries to stab wild animals with a pocket knife

taurus : builds a tipi

gemini : tries to find other people

cancer : tries to cook something with aries’ and scorpio’s prey

leo : wants to get a tan and sunbathes all day

virgo : attempts to make the water from the ocean less salty

libra : has an urgent need for a mirror

scorpio : helps aries by building traps

sagittarius : still sticks to their workout routine

capricorn : makes cancer and pisces cry by being pessimistic

aquarius : pretends to be in ‘Cast Away’ and talks to a coconut

pisces : writes ‘help’ in the sand

The Signs as Vegan (Junk) Food
  • Aries: vegan mac and cheese
  • Taurus: vegan chocolate chip cookies
  • Gemini: bananas
  • Cancer: vegan pizza
  • Leo: french fries
  • Virgo: vegan cinnamon rolls
  • Libra: veggie burgers
  • Scorpio: vegan Chinese food
  • Sagittarius: vegan cupcakes
  • Capricorn: vegan milkshakes
  • Aquarius: smoothies
  • Pisces: falafel wraps