vegan shave

Ladies do you!! Be slutty, be a doctor, be a dentist, wear a short skirt, wear tattoos and piercings, wear a fully covered garment, wear tons of makeup, go natural, fuck and suck who you want, go to church, pray, be a vegan, wear a weave, shave your head bald, say yes, say no, be a virgin, wait till marriage, screw him with in an hour of meeting him, love hard, be a stripper and love it or to help you support your life, be a sex worker, be the best hooker you can be, be the best lawyer you can be. Do what makes you happy or whatever it is you have to do for YOU. DO NOT LET SOCIETY TELL YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR LIFE! PROTECT YOURSELF AND KEEP GOING AGAINST ALL ODDS!

Lets uplift each other instead of constantly judging each other for shit that you shouldn’t be worried about. Uplift a female or stfu!