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Organic Vegan Shaving Soap - Peppermint with Bentonite Clay - $5.00

Bentonite clay is used as a natural skin care product to prevent or treat facial blemishes and minor abscesses. Bentonite clay once mixed from its powder form with water and then applied to skin constricts the skin. The constriction virtually pushes the impurities out of the skin while also serving as an antibacterial cleansing agent. Once the clay swells, it becomes a porous sponge drawing toxins from the body. Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

The bentonite clay also makes for a great slick, and lathering bar of shaving soap.

Peppermint oil can help relieve problems with unhealthy skin, acne, soreness, and itching when applied topically. It also helps tone the skin by getting rid of red blotches, and enlivening dull skin.

This soap is handmade, made with all organic oils, and is, of course, vegan! This batch was created a blend of peppermint oil and bentonite clay, making a perfect and fresh bar of shaving soap. All of my soap is made by the cold process method.

My handmade soap is crafted with love, care, and organic ingredients that creates a beautifully scented, moisturizing, and lathering vegan bath product!

Each soap is a round, 3-3.8 oz bar.

Sold here.

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