Vegan grilled cheese!! One of my pricier (and less healthy) indulgences, for sure.


Vegan butter
Daiya cheese slices
Extra firm tofu (I get sprouted tofu fortified with b12 from wegmans) (pre prep this so its ready to use aka drain - you only want a small tofu steak slice prepped for yourself)
Tofurkey turkey style deli slices
Baby spinach
Garlic powder
Lemon (I get this dried lemon zest stuff but a little lemon juice could also work)

Ok. So. I butter up my slices of bread, add a dash of garlic powder, and place them in a large skillet over a low flame - butter side down. Low flame is key. Place the daiya slices on top of the bread. I prefer cheddar but all I had on hand today was provolone.

On the other side of the skillet, melt a little bit of butter and cook the tofu. Season with lemon and garlic powder. Keep an eye on it, flipping when necessary.

In the remaining section of the skillet (or use another small skillet if you don’t have a large enough one), fry up 2 slices of tofurkey deli. About a minute on each side should do. Slide one slice on top of each piece of bread.

Melt a little butter in that spot where the deli just was, and cook up some baby spinach. Add a little bit of salt and pepper. Cook lightly, and top a piece of bread with it.

On the slice you didn’t add spinach to, spread some mashed avocado onto.

Add the tofu steak on top of the avocado when it’s done.

Flip one slice over the other, press down and let the cheese melt everything together.


anonymous asked:

I've been pescatarian for about a month and I'm hoping to move onto complete vegetarianism soon. People keep telling me what I'm doing is pointless because I'm not vegan which makes me angry because I'm making little changes gradually to help ease me into it/learn how to cook more meat free meals? I'm trying vegetarianism for a year hopefully to move onto veganism, do you have any tips on staying healthy/websites with meal ideas (or just stuff you've learned from personal experience?) thanks!

What you are doing is definitely not pointless, as I always say, every little choice you make regarding food adds up to a greater whole and makes a difference. You affect positive change every single time you choose not to eat other meat, and I truly believe pescetarianism is better than nothing. It will help you transition into vegetarianism and let go of other animal products, it’s exactly what I did in 2014 and was a massive help in me cutting my red meat and poultry addiction. 

The problem I have with pescetarianism is the mindset behind it when it’s seen as a permanent solution (as opposed to a stepping stone towards vegetarianism or veganism) because a lot of people think it’s morally viable to eat marine animals just because they are different to and sometimes less intelligent than mammals. Some scientists have claimed that fish do not feel pain, others have claimed they do feel pain but perceive it differently to us and others have claimed they feel pain as vividly as we do. It’s hard to reach a definite conclusion with so much conflicting ‘evidence’ but my view on it is that they MIGHT feel pain and suffering so WHY would I take that chance? It’s also been claimed that fish are far more intelligent than we think (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) I think the belief system behind only eating fish and not other animals is messed up because it’s saying it’s okay to harm and exploit something just because it’s not like us.  

Other reasons eating seafood is bad:
A team of scientists predict that due to overfishing, the oceans will be empty of seafood stock by as early as 2048-2050, destroying every single ecosystem in the seas with it. 
A new study finds that the world’s seabird populations have plummeted by almost 70% in just 60 years, due to a combination of pollution damage and starvation due to human overfishing.
Modern industrial fishing lines can be as long as 75 miles and they sweep up everything in their paths, - over 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die every year as a result of being caught in nets.
‘Non-target’ fish species are also caught and then thrown back into the ocean as bycatch, completely wasted. Bycatch makes up approximately a quarter of all marine animals caught. This isn’t just different species of fish, but also fur seals, albatrosses, turtles, etc. Tuna fisheries alone are responsible for a million shark deaths annually.
The oceans simply cannot repopulate at the rate we are fishing them. Aquaculture is not the answer either as fish farms are highly polluting and are a breeding ground for diseases, not to mention the hellish conditions for the animals. (This is not aimed at you or anyone else who is striving towards veganism, I’m just trying to educate those who see nothing wrong with eating fish.)

In terms of health tips, just make sure you’re getting protein in your daily diet so that your body thanks you and feels good - tofu/other soy products like soya mince & veggie burgers, beans, lentils, chickpeas/other pulses, nuts, peas - it’s super easy to include them in sauces/curry/chilli. If you eat an assortment of vegetables (especially dark green leaf veg) as part of a meal it’s pretty hard NOT to get the nourishment you need because they’re fabulous - but here’s a good and easy-to-read twitter thread with loads of nutrition info If you’re worried about supplements and getting extra vitamins then I’d recommend getting fortified plant milk (most brands include extra vitamins in but I usually go for Alpro) and then also fortified nutritional yeast/nooch is full of good stuff - you can mix it into sauces, curries, soups (etc) and it’s gets you everything you need!

If you want some healthy, easy, cheap vegan meal ideas to help inspire you here are some great links: protein-filled meals, easy one-pot dinners$30 for a week, less than $5 a dayworks out to $2 a day, BBC recipes, Jamie’s recipes, top dessertsmore easy dinners - good luck!

What I eat in a day

Breakfast: banana, blueberry and cinnamon oatmeal with chia seeds, coconut sugar and peanut butter.

Lunch: rice, corn, lettuce, cucumber and chilli sauce.

Snack: half a mango, a banana, shredded coconut, sugar and dates.

Dinner: potato wedges with pepper and tomato dip, romaine lettuce and seeds.

Snack: a banana, vegan hot chocolate, a few dates.

Flo. XOX

Raw! “Hot chocolate”

It’s winter: sometimes we need something warming.

• ½ cup of cashews
• 3-4 dates
• 1 tbsp of cocoa/carob
• 200 ml of warm water

Soak the cashews and dates for 1-2 hours to soften; drain. Process in a blender with carob until smooth, slowly add the water. You may drink it immediately or put the cup into a bowl of hot water to make it a little warmer. Then stir again and enjoy!

My lunch ft. one of my plant babies 🌱🌱🌱

Orzo with pesto, burst cherry tomatoes, arugula, soy chorizo, and a handful of chopped avocado (because why not). This was really easy and super satisfying 👅☺️

Fourteen greens healthier than kale // get the list here :)

Contrary to popular belief kale isn’t the only vegetable in the leafy-green kingdom that contains high levels of vitamins & minerals that, in turn, provide good health benefits. Here is a list of foods that out-rank kale for having more essential nutrients, foods you can add to your salads & smoothies and not have to suffer through the taste. 

IT’S PIZZA TIME 🍕🍕🍕Roasted sweet potato, eggplant and tomato on top of a wholemeal pizza base seasoned with mixed herbs and turmeric 🙌🏻 Vegan pizza for the win 💯

mango nicecream with some gooey dates👅🍌 ugh this bowl was so good! today i want to send you all some strength. cause we all need it when there’s something tough💛
IG: @spoonsofplants

Hey beautiful! I decided to make a masterpost just for you to get you feeling good! I hope you like it :) xx



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Recipe for the “Royal Golden Pinkness” nicecream from one of my latest posts (find it here):
• raw & really rich and creamy in flavor & texture
• vegan & without any animal byproducts, so it’s good for the environment & not harming anyone or anything
• consists of just natural products coming out of nature
• healthy & great as a yummy & fancy - tasting treat/dessert or regular meal (for example breakfast)
• no refined sugars/oil
• great for everyone, even little children or non-vegans
• easy to make, you don’t need to be a total pro in the kitchen
• share it with your friends or family (or both), because if you don’t, you will be terrorized for probably a week (that happened to me and they still ask about the recipe…:))
-> decided to post this recipe, because I received quite many asks about it, so I hope you like it! Feel free to give me some feedback, would make me super happy!! :)
for the nice cream:
• around 3 - 6 frozen & ripe (!) bananas (depends on how hungry you are and if you like the finished product to be a snack or main meal)
• around a handful of frozen raspberries 
• a bit of creamy coconut milk (if you like the added richness of flavor and crunch of frozen coconut cream) 
• a tiny bit of cinnamon 
• a splash of maple syrup (optional)
• more frozen raspberries 
• a piece of dark chocolate (I used “Willies’Cacao - Peruvian Gold” from the mountains of beautiful Peru)
• organic coconut sugar (tastes like liquid caramel when melted a bit)  
• a bit of maple syrup (if you like it really sweet) or homemade caramel syrup

- cut your frozen bananas in small pieces and throw them in your high speed blender/food processor  
- add the frozen raspberries, coconut milk & syrup
- mix everything together on pulse until the texture gets creamy, well mixed together and ice-cream-like 
- spoon your finished base into a pretty glass or bowl and swirl in the cinnamon
- now decorate the beauty with all your lovely toppings and get creative - there are so many different options!
- enjoy and share it with friends, family or your regular ice-cream addicts! :) 
xx Amber :) ( quite new Instagram: littlesunnyday_ ) 


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