vegan recipe book

Vegan Resources:

These are the most helpful ones out there! Feel free to add to the list!!


  • Animals: Earthlings
  • Environment: Cowspiracy
  • Health: Forks Over Knives


Wondering about:

  • Nutrition on a vegan diet - Vegan for Life or Becoming Vegan
  • Being a vegan athlete - Thrive or Eat & Run
  • Living a vegan lifestyle - Mainstreet Vegan and The Kind Diet
  • How it helps the animals- Eating Animals
  • Why it is the best way to live (and SO IMPORTANT)- The World Peace Diet

Research on Plant Based Diets:

  • Eat to Live
  • The China Study
  • How Not to Die


  • Oh She Glows blog & book
  • Minimalist Baker blog
  • Farm Sanctuary book

anonymous asked:

Your Ebook is based on Harleys advice but you disagree with him now. Time to give refunds Bonny! You are just money hungry 😟

That’s funny last time I checked my ebook said nothing about 10-20 bananas smoothies with cups of sugar, cereal with sugar for dinner, sugar water all day, sprite for meals, white rice with jam all day or riding a bike 8 hours a day. That to me is Harley’s advice. My ebook is a “High carb” vegan recipe book and “high carb” is very general and many many other people promote it including doctors. I was not following rawrill4 when I made it. OR Harley’s advice.

Actually two years ago he told me to throw away my expensive camera, fuck off photography, and never spend more then 2 minutes preparing meals. THAT was his advice. Yet somehow my ebook which is full of whole food vegan recipes is based on his advice?…Just because I have a few smoothie recipes in there? haha. Harley couldn’t make the recipes in my book if his life depended on it because he simply can’t cook. He never has promoted cooking or how to prepare meals.

I did however have a very small section saying I roughly followed an 80/10/10 ratio (which I have since changed) And my reference in the ebook was dr mcdougall not Harley.

I am still high carb, I still eat all the recipes in my ebook and after all it is, is a recipe book with high carb vegan recipes. Not a meal plan or a weight loss book😂 just some of my fav recipes that I still eat. Any info I no longer follow to the T has been changed. I don’t think fruit is toxic or bananas are bad at all. I just prefer to not eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday….my ebook doesn’t promote that and never did. If you want to have a smoothie for breakfast go for it👌🏼

I’m money hungry?.. haha yet my ebook was and still is the cheapest vegan recipe book online. Whilst Harley sells his for $30 and now has stolen freelees to sell.

Projection, projection, projection…

I understand these question are probably just Harley or his trolls but if anyone that bought my ebook is ACTUALLY displeased, or has any issues. Email me at hello@bonnyrebecca 😘

I REALLY don’t want to talk about this drama but I have to stand up for myself when people make up blatant lies. I worked really hard on that ebook, creating some of my favourite recipes! So of course I’ll get defensive when someone is manipulating the truth for their own agenda.