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Your life doesn’t start ending when you reach a certain age. You can feel better than ever and have less aches and pains right now by eating healthy. At the age of 52, I started eating mostly raw and plant based food, but still cooking some of my meals. I am free of headaches and heartburn and have great energy. I am excited about eating and I’m losing all my unwanted weight. I feel fabulous.

✨RAW VEGAN ORGANIC LIFE REGENERATING LIVING FOODS PIZZA!!!!!✨ made by gourmet chef @theliferegenerator and our beloved @dakota__chanel ~~~ These Angels have been delivering us high vibrational healing raw veganic foods every day since Pueo Ra was born two weeks ago. We are SO THANKFUL and truly inspired by their kind genuine hearts and dedication to creating heaven and health on earth. Bless your souls. ✨🙏✨🙌✨

Check out The Life Regenerator on YouTube and learn how to make this EPICNESS yourself!!!

"Vegetarianism and veganism are practically the same thing"

Um. No. Here is how it goes:

Carnivore - eats only meat
Carnist - knows about torture behind animal products, continues use of them
Omnivore - lives off plant and animal products, not educated on the torture behind them
Flexitarian - omnivore who likes vegetarian food (yes, this exists)
Pescatarian - person who eats fish as their only meat, as well as plant foods and other animal byproducts
Vegetarian - consumes no meat (including fish), but eats all other animal products
Honey “vegan” - consumes no animal products except honey
Vegan - doesn’t use, eat, or wear any animal products including meat, leather, silk, honey, dairy, fish, eggs, and others
Raw vegan - see vegan, and none of their food can be cooked above 118F.

There is a BIG difference between all these. Please know them. If someone requests a certain dietary need, respect it and make it to their need. There is a huge difference between all of these groups.

This post doesn’t mean to offend anyone. I just made it for the people who really DONT know the difference. Please share and spread the word.


✨Spending the next six days at our Ohana:: Dakota and Dan The Mans magical hOMe!!! We have felt so excited and thankful all day long exploring the property, featuring:::: indoor sauna, grand piano, jacuzzi tub, on a river with a bridge that leads to their healing temple lined with crystals and a massage table ~~ Dan is a vegan raw food chef who goes by DanTheMan on YouTube or LIFEREGENERATOR (check him out and make some delicious food!!) Enjoying a raw vegan pumpkin pie him and Dakota made :) Giving thanks to the creator for our happy family!!!