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You can be vegan all you want, good for you, but not being vegan doesn't make someone a bad person. Not everyone in the world will convert to being a vegan so maybe y'all should stop being angry people and just get over it.

Of course the whole world will never be vegan, but I strongly believe that someday a majority of the world will be vegan. In fact, the world will have to go mostly vegan or we are screwed, anon. Veganism is the future, out of necessity, and the UN agrees.

Animal agriculture is destroying our world. 

No, not being vegan does not make someone a bad person… but if you’re aware of the slaughter you’re contributing to and you’re able to change that and choose not to, that is extremely problematic. Especially if you mourn the deaths of companion animals, but not the ones on your plate. 

Vegetarian/Vegan Tumblr help!

I know I’m not the first to say animal agriculture is honestly horrific and has changed my views a lot in the past year. With the help of insightful documentaries and articles I’ve decided to start my journey into vegetarianism! That being said, I’m having a very hard time finding recipes for a busy college student that doesn’t taste bland and unseasoned.

Post your favorite recipes for not only me but anyone who needs help with this as well! (feel free to post vegan options as well!)


Progressive social change is not merely about changing policies, but about changing hearts and minds. Genuine and lasting change requires a paradigm shift, a transformation of the mentality that propped up the old order. We must knock out the foundations of oppression and cultivate the values that form the foundation of justice, values such as compassion, integrity, and reciprocity. And to challenge injustice everywhere, we must practice justice everywhere: on streets, in the courtroom—and on our plates.
—  Melanie Joy

vegan: I like to eat my granola with almond milk
you: wow #triggered why you got to shove your veeegan beliefs in my face why you got to always remind everyone about your speeeeecial you are

vegan: I like to eat my granola with milk
you: whaaaaaat I thought you were veeeegan what is this miiiiiilk
vegan: is almond milk
you: wow why didn’t you say that in the first place??? like you should have just said it was almond milk???