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❤️🍪cheap vegan cookie tip🍪❤️
walmarts great value brand chocolate chip/chunk cookies, chocolate covered graham crackers, fudge stripes, and possibly a few others are accidentally vegan!

EDIT: Walmart recently added whey (a milk ingredient) to all of their great value brand cookies. However they still carry other generic brands that are still accidentally vegan(like most, if not all, homekist cookies). honestly just check any cheap/generic cookies you come across at any store. and remember that if it says “MAY CONTAIN/CONTAINS TRACES OF” milk/egg but doesn’t have any nonvegan items in the actual ingredients list, then there is no conflict of ethics here (just means there might be some cross contamination) and thus still vegan!

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Bought some oatmeal. Checked the ingredients as an afterthought. It has whey protein in it. Why is oatmeal not vegan??

That’s so frustrating, whey is added in all kinds of things as a really cheap thickener and to add protein unfortunately, even though oats are already high in protein. I’d recommend just buying plain rolled oats, the bagged kind rather than boxed, as those are usually just oats with a preservative. Just treat it as a learning experience; no matter how benign the product, our society will find a way to put the excretions of body parts of animals in it. It is always best to double check, just to be sure.


I am absolutely in love with date based truffles. There are so many ways you can customize them using whatever you have around to really make delicious, sweet, grab and go energizing bites. They’re perfect for me before early morning workouts to get a quick boost, in the afternoon on my way out the door, or a few as a night time treat that tastes incredible and is good for me too! None of these truffles have any added sugar, all of them are gluten free, and the only non-vegan ingredient is whey protein powder in some of them which can very easily be swapped for a vegan protein powder or left out completely (add equal parts nuts to make up the texture difference). I hope these truffles inspire you to get creative and create your own unique flavors! I know I’m certainly going to keep experimenting! :)

For more healthy, easy dessert ideas go here! :)


Fresh Homemade Tofu - Part 2

If you’ve been following along, you just learned how to make SOYMILK in Part ONE. Now we make tofu with the soymilk! NOTE: I’m making firm/medium-firm tofu. Silken tofu requires a slightly different process.


STEP 1: HEAT the milk to ~80F. If you like to live dangerously, eyeball it and heat milk to right before boiling.

STEP 2: Add a COAGULANT to separate the soymilk into curds and whey. What kind of coagulant? And how much? I’m covering it in PART 3 later because the information is a bit extensive.

  • Add the coagulant little by little. Stir gently.
  • Curds not forming? Apply a bit more heat. It that doesn’t work, add a bit more coagulant.

STEP 3: Prep the tofu MOLD. Honestly, it can be anything. No reason why tofu needs to be a rectangular or flat. Here’s what I did:

  • Lined a bamboo steamer with cheesecloth. The whey filtered out and the cloth kept the curds together.
  • Reused a plastic tofu box. Poked holes for drainage. Technically, I didn’t even need to use a cheesecloth for this mold.

STEP 4: Pour curds and whey into the mold. As the whey drip, apply a weight to the tofu. The amount of pressure you apply will determine the firmness.


In just a few hours, your tofu will be ready to eat! Remember the tofu will compress down by a third to a half. Simply unmold, rinse off and keep in water if you don’t plan on eating immediately.


How to Make Tofu

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I'm trying to go vegan! The problem I encounter is bread with whey. Vegan bread is very hard to find, and expensive, especially for a poor college student. Is it acceptable to eat regular bread?

Most of the time the more expensive bread is non-vegan actually. It’s cheaper to make things without animal products. My store brand bread is vegan, it’s like a dollar and has almost no ingredients. Check store brand bread you’d be surprised. It’s also easy, cheap and quick to make your own loaf.

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Oreos are NOT vegan. They contain Whey Protein, which comes from dairy.

This is what I read from the Oreo website.

Is Oreo suitable for vegans?

Oreo is not suitable for Vegans as they have the cross contact of Milk.

Interesting. I remember seeing Oreo’s on the “accidentally vegan” list a while ago.