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Once when I had just gone vegan, someone seriously tried to force feed me bacon. They put their hand on my face and tried to hold my mouth open so they could force feed me bacon. I’ve also had people try to hide animal products in my food. So don’t you fucking say vegans are shoving anything down your throat unless we literally hold you down and stuff broccoli in your face.


You are:

  • A TERF, SWERF, or radfem in general
  • Truscum
  • An MRA
  • A REG
  • Fatphobic
  • Ableist in any way
  • Racist, islamophobic, antisemitist, or antiziganist 
  • Anti-MOGAI
  • Homophobic, monosexist, or aphobic 
  • Transphobic, transmisogynist, or exorsexist 
  • Intersexist
  • Anti-choice
  • Anti-vaccines
  • Anti-self diagnosis
  • Anti-SJ
  • A militant vegan
  • White and you use AAVE
  • A bully to otherkin


You believe:

  • In reverse-racism
  • In reverse-sexism
  • In cisphobia
  • In heterophobia
  • In misandry
  • That thin shaming is just as bad as fat shaming
  • That FAAB trans people have it just as bad as MAAB trans people

legitimately some shitty people think “don’t support beekeepers in places honey bees are non-native” is a smart thing to say???
beekeepers are not somehow releasing more bees into the environment, lmao honeybees have been here in the usa for hundreds of years, naturalizing and growing in population. they already have a niche in this environment. are militant vegans going to start killing honey bees en mass just because of a very unsupported claim they they are hurting the native bees? beekeepers do the job of taking swarms (which would have gotten sprayed or posed a risk to the public) or removing colonies from buildings where they couldve caused harm. and they give the bees a safe place to live. next time ya’ll have a hive in your roof dont call a beekeeper because obviously you don’t respect or understand the important work they do


Woody Harrelson & Andy Serkis Respond to IGN Comments

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Hi marina. Do you ever feel like you're bashed for trying to be mostly vegan instead of 100% vegan? Even though you're making an effort? I do my best to keep to a vegan diet and buy cruelty free but my anxiety makes it super difficult. So I can't get passed 80% vegan without losing my mind. I just hate how unless you're not 100% you're treated like the problem

Umm occasionally I’ll get militant vegans in my inbox, but it doesn’t bother me too much. There are a lot of intersecting reasons why veganism might not be possible for people (lack of access in certain areas, high prices depending on where you live, chronic illness or food allergies, eating disorders, disability that makes preparing vegan food at home difficult, lack of education, etc. etc.) I think bringing intersectionality into animal rights movements is essential and even if you can’t be 100% vegan, you’re still making a difference imo.

I’m all about cutting out animal products when you can and not beating yourself up too much when you can’t. (Shame is really counter-productive when it comes to making sustainable lifestyle changes.)

Plus going all-or-nothing and living a lifestyle that’s not possible to maintain isn’t sustainable. It’s probably better long-term to cut out animal products in a way that is realistic for you and sticking with it instead of going 100% vegan and giving it up after a month or two.

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could you do percy & rachel headcanons (either shippy or as bffs) ? thank you!

perachel is my AREA

  • chillin on the fire escape together
  • city loving nerds who roam around manhattan together and stake out non-touristy places
  • rachel knocked on his window once in the middle of the night and scared the living daylights out of him (percy is some kind of magnet for girls who do not give a fuck about the rules and i think it is too much for his heart)
  • she’s a really good listener and he needs that, because annabeth gets upset and grover went awol and his mom is worried sick enough as it is, but percy can be completely, brutally honest with rachel and she’ll take it with a level head
  • and rachel doesn’t make him read between the lines, she usually blurts out the first thing that comes into her head, and it’s so refreshing not to feel like he’s stepping on everyone’s toes and censoring himself all the time
  • fuckin nerds who sing so loud to the radio together
  • rachel’s music taste is really cultured and unique and percy just humors her, they know all the words to “we didn’t start the fire” and sing it at the top of their lungs, and they also know “the devil went down to georgia” and alternate verses like nerds and make fun of each other’s bad imitations of southern accents
  • they are lab partners and it is the worst decision the teacher has ever made
  • they talk about the weirdest shit, like everything from global warming to masturbation. rachel just has no shame, and while percy has lots of shame rachel is legitimately so unruffled by everything that he can be just as candid
  • she helps him get in touch with the normal, human part of him and he helps her get in touch with the abnormal, supernatural part of her and it keeps them both from going insane
  • they try and study together but it usually just devolves into them chucking books and food at each other and blasting music at full volume
  • rachel covers for him when he gets pulled out of school on Demigod Duty, she’s broken him out of detention a few times too
  • they are soooOOOOOoo sarcastic and they swear three times more than they usual when they are together, everyone else is kind’ve intimidated by them when they’re in the same room
  • they like casually insult each other all day but it is just how they communicate affection because something about being together brings out the sarcasm in them. rachel calls him hoebag a lot, he calls her a fake vegan hoe or white hipster trash
  • percy begrudgingly going along to rachel’s protests and rallies and whining the whole time while she runs her mouth about everything that’s wrong in the world
  • rachel is a militant vegan who is constantly yammering at him about what he eats
  • her vocabulary is so ridiculous and she uses so many words and he calls her pretentious about five thousand times a day
  • meme loving fucks who have ironic senses of humor and watch dumb videos together and laugh until they’re crying
  • one time they had a competition to see who could snort the most milk out of their nose but it had to be soy milk and percy didn’t realize so he just choked on it and then rachel was laughing so hard that she won
  • after she becomes the oracle there is a little bit of awkwardness because they’re not sure if things are going to change and it’s so sad
  • and then one day rachel sits down at his table and starts eating off his plate and he asks her if she was raised in a barn and she says “at least i didn’t fucking murder all the animals in the barn and eat their carcasses like some heartless vulgarian of a human being” “literally rachel suck my dick” “i thought that was annabeth’s job now” and then he hits her in the face with the chicken on his plate and she starts screaming in outrage
  • they’re like, actually five years old
  • some people legitimately think that they hate each other’s guts and are legitimately so surprised when screams his name at the top of her lungs and hugs him so hard that they almost fall over after the war
  • rachel always, always shows up unannounced, and as they get older, she is trash who raids his cabinets and eats all his food and pets his dog and sleeps on his couch
  • she rolls her eyes and/or makes obnoxious noises whenever he talks about annabeth and he whines at her to shut uppppppp
  • they seriously love each other so much, though
  • like, rachel is always in tune with percy’s mental health, she picks up on symptoms faster than anyone. and percy is genuinely so happy for her and so proud of her when good things happen, and he’ll always stick up for her in front of her parents
  • trash

One day, when I’m older, I hope to be able to sustain myself on either food I’ve grown and raised personally, or on food people have farmed locally. :V Call me a nerd, but I’d also really love to keep bees too.

Dear non-disabled militant vegans

STOP saying that it’s more logical to kill and eat mentally disabled people than it is to eat livestock.

We are not “less intelligent” than animals

We do not lack self awareness

And we most certainly do not appreciate being used as props in your shitty arguments.

And also, stop supporting Peter Singer while you’re at it.

You know, this is what turns a lot of disabled people off of even considering trying veganism.

Think about it.

Why would you want to join a group that considers your life to be worth less than that of a freaking chicken? Why would someone want to listen to someone who thinks people like you should be euthanised as infants, or left to die if you have a medical emergency?

Yes I know disabled vegans exist. How they’re able to put up with this eugenic mindset god only knows. I certainly can’t.

And to those who may say I’m being “speciesist” for saying that disabled people’s lives are worth more than animal lives, let me tell you something.

Most of you clearly don’t know what it’s like to have your personhood stripped away from you at an early age, and having to spend much of your life proving your humanity to others. And it can be really hurtful to acknowledge that you’ll never be seen as a real adult or full fledge human being in the eyes of some.

When you make the comparison between animals and disabled people. Especially on who has more intelligence than who. You are stripping away our humanity. All so YOU can feel morally superior for not eating meat/animal products.

So, with that in mind. Shame on you. Shame on you for putting animals ahead of your fellow man.

Sincerely, a mentally disabled omnivore.

Vegan:  “Stop making excuses and go vegan!”
Other Vegans:  *Uncritically reblog.*
Us Dirty, Flea-Bitten Scavengers:  “You do know that there are entirely legit reasons why some people—and probably more than you think, considering that humans are physiological omnivores—can’t be vegan without it adversely affecting their health, right?  And you do know that scarcity is a thing and the entire food industry is corrupt, right?”
Indignant Chorus of Vegans:  “But…but…meat is bad for you and beans and rice are cheap!  Stop making excuses, you murderers!”

@fucknovegans @ableist-vegans


Discussing animal welfare with one of those super militant vegans, or a PETA-worshipping animal rights activist:

When it comes to hunting, even destructive, invasive, or overpopulated species: “Humans hunting is totally unnatural and barbaric! Nature can take care of itself! I don’t care if hunting is scientifically proven to be beneficial, there is still no excuse!”

When it comes to “saving” an adorable animal, even one that is not actually threatened or endangered in any way: “Humans are part of nature! We have a noble responsibility to protect it because nature can’t take care of itself!”

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Can I have Deets™ on the Racist Vegan AU?

you SURE MAY my dude. hop on and strap in for the ride

SO the Slightly Racist Militant Vegan Alexander the Great AU follows as thus, thus far:


  • I was going to originally have alexander as a rural vet, but I’ve since come to the conclusion that it would be better if he’s running a wildlife park
  • the wildlife park is in western sydney as they tend to be
  • idk if non-australian places have wildlife parks but they’re kind of like interactive spaces with native animals. they’re not quite zoos, but they have a big focus on conservation
  • western sydney is completely weird-ass and liminal, nothing like the inner city which is perfect for Weird Shit like Slightly Racist Militant Vegan alexander to manifest
  • also western sydney has a good multicultural mix so that serves this au’s purpose anyway
  • the wildlife park is initially called pella but then alex renames it to “alexandria” after philip dies and he expands its territories
  • namely, he annexes the rather nice persian garden complex next door, run by a bloke named darius
  • he does this on the pretext that the café in darius’ garden isn’t vegan
  • ANYWAY, let’s move on to the people


  • won’t stop culturally appropriating things
  • keeps wearing harem pants and lumping every south asian culture together
  • kind of a weeb for the middle-east in general
  • “I’m macedonian so I’m poc” “alex just because someone called your dad a wog in year six doesn’t mean you’re oppressed”
  • loves animals a LOT and is a vegan
  • the militant sort who reposts graphic memes on facebook every 3 hours
  • btw not trying to say that vegans are militant/slightly racist, but the militant veganism links alexander the military leader and his love of animals
  • highkey a Horse Girl
  • would make people wait for him to take photos of their lunch before eating


  • alexander’s super-hot and tall civil engineer boyfriend
  • constructs wildlife park facilities on annexed garden land after the Takeover
  • embodiment of gay or european
  • speaks greek at home
  • often gets asked ‘you know your bf’s lowkey racist??’ and he’s like ‘yeh we tried telling him once but he threatened us with tofu drumsticks’
  • is super-hot. did I mention?
  • people won’t stop staring
  • he’s also tall
  • just so you know
  • eats veggies for alexander but isn’t militant
  • dies after he eats a chicken when alex isn’t watching and chokes bc it’s just too good and it’s been too long


  • alexander’s mum, a reptile specialist at the park
  • also a vegan
  • “I love both my children equally. alexander and *looks at smudged writing on back of hand* kleptomania”


  • an omnivore
  • alexander and olympias hate him because of this
  • a cassowary pecked him in the eye and he can’t see out of it any more
  • keeps perving on the staff
  • I’m considering having him die after getting stabbed by a stingray called pausanias he neglects but not sure how many steve irwin parallels we want here


  • the only person in the family not obsessed with animals
  • studies commerce
  • everyone in the family is like, ‘how do you expect to find a job with that degree huh?’
  • but then she co-founds an accounting firm, “epiros”, which goes swimmingly


  • family friend, but works at the park
  • keeps pretending he’s philip’s bastard son
  • he’s not
  • delusions of grandeur
  • had a mummy phase as a kid


  • a bit of an alexander bum-kisser
  • hates hephaistion
  • the feeling is mutual, because only hephaistion’s mouth gets to be anywhere near alexander’s bum


  • works at the wildlife park
  • except they discover that he dissed alexander in an article on the park in the local paper
  • i.e. he gets interviewed anonymously but some of his quotes make it v obvious that it was him
  • needless to say he gets fired
  • they also stop speaking to his dad
  • hephaistion gets REALLY ANGRY about this affront to his boyfriend and runs an extensive smear campaign against philotas on social media in the form of incendiary memes that damn his credibility


  • the guy next door with the really nice persian gardens
  • sadly, that macedonian kid with the bloody farm doesn’t appreciate Culture and keeps trespassing (i.e. building shit on his land and daring him to call the council)
  • darius doesn’t dare
  • instead he fucks off to where no one can get him (tasmania) and people will enjoy flowers more (tasmania)


  • used to work as a landscaper for darius, but alexander co-opts her into working for the wildlife park to make it look like he’s not just forcefully taking over (he is)
  • at least the animals have really nice grounds to wander now?
  • her family is from tajikistan
  • alexander won’t stop asking if it’s a real country
  • OR appropriating her culture
  • but she’s actually really fun to be around when you’re not being slightly racist to her 98% of the time
  • good friends with perdikkas


  • darius’ eldest daughter
  • a classical history nerd
  • to her father’s consternation, studying ancient greek
  • “how can you betray me like this! the language of our enemies” “dad wtf even GREEKS NOW can’t speak ancient greek, much less that macedonian kid”
  • doesn’t stop darius sending her over to try and negotiate in ancient greek
  • everyone is confused as fuck because she just starts conjugating verbs at them
  • also her sister drypetis is gay and chummy with hephaistion


  • the matriarch of darius’ family
  • doesn’t speak english but practically adopts alexander because she sees his culturally-appropriating ways as genuine cultural appreciation
  • also thinks hephaistion is hot
  • keeps winking at him and pinching his bum when he walks past
  • also, last but not least


  • a horse

I’d like to thank @dirtydeetaurasi for the inspiration

Me: “Hey, it would be cool if people would realize that other people’s diets are none of their business and that they have no right to dictate what another person does and doesn’t eat.”

Some Militant Vegan: *Crawls out of a storm drain, hissing.* “Carnist.”

Militant veganism is inherently classist in assuming that everyone can afford to change their diets despite the high price of vegan food.

Poor people should not be guilted for being unable to afford what is frankly an expensive middle-class lifestyle.

You’re not gross for feeding your kids McDonald’s a few times a week because you have to pay bills and rent and the dollar menu is good value and children need food in their bellies no matter what food it is.

Veganism is a perfectly viable dietary choice - but it is a CHOICE and if you ever shame society as a whole for eating meat/animal produce you can go fuck yourself, frankly, because be aware of who you’re shaming in doing so.

Maybe help us get towards a social and economic position where poverty isn’t an issue and everyone is able to afford food before you attack the poorest parts of society for what food they buy.

I went to a small BBQ/dinner party last night and hung out with some old friends who I rarely see anymore. They’re all meat eaters so I’d texted that I wasn’t planning to grill anything but I was bringing my favorite tomato/avocado salad to share. When I got there I found out that they had, like, triple cleaned the grill for my comfort. They grilled up tons of veggies, and no meat at all. We had the veggies on brown rice and with homemade chimichurri sauce on top, which I’d never heard of but it was really tasty. Another friend brought homemade peanut butter vegan ice cream that was delicious. We all had a completely vegan meal and it was so nice.

Despite living in vegan-friendly Portland, I barely have any vegan or even vegetarian friends. I’ve been accused of being a “militant vegan” for even just mentioning eating something vegan. I’ve seen a comic on here that goes something like: person A says “Yum I just ate the best mac n cheese!”, person B says “Cheese?!? I thought you were vegan???” And then in part two person A says “I just ate the best vegan mac n cheese!” And person B says “Okay I get it! You’re vegan! No need to shove it down my throat constantly!” And that’s SO REAL! I’ve literally had those exact interactions so many times (not with friends, but with crappy acquaintances). I feel like I have to always be quiet about my veganism to avoid being called self righteous or whatever, even though it’s important to me and a big part of my life. I always feel like it’s on me to accommodate, like if people want to go to a restaurant that’s very meat-centered I won’t complain, I’ll either get the side salad and request that the chicken/cheese gets left off, or I’ll eat at home in advance and just have a drink or something. I’ve been vegan for years, I don’t even remember when I started, and I’ve been vegetarian since I was about eight years old, so I’m used to it.

It was just really nice to be accommodated, without even asking for it. Such a nice surprise. Then I rode my bike home across the city late at night. The moon was full and bright orange from the Canada wildfires, and crickets were chirping and the air smelled like summer, like freshly mowed lawns and roses and hot dirt and trees, and it was a quiet, peaceful ride the whole way.


I experienced an influx of followers because of a recent selfie, and I’m grateful, honestly…. but understand this is all just a waiting game for me. I’m waiting for ya’ll to figure out what a militant xicana I am; how much of an annoying vegan I am; what an intolerable SJW I make of myself, and turn on your heels.
If you stay, feel welcome. I need tumblr friends.
If you see something you’re not sure about, something a little suspect, I’m open to the idea that I’ve made a mistake.
If you see a concept your curious about, I’m generally willing to share what I know.
Hi, new friends, here are my boobs.

One of the things I like the least about militant vegans is how they guilt trip people into thinking that they’re bloodthirsty murderers for eating meat.

If you choose to not eat meat for ethical reasons, I completely support and admire that stance. I was vegetarian for eleven years for that reason. But if you try to tell people that the only reason they eat meat is because they’re cruel monsters who hate animals, you’re wrong. Believe me, I feel guilty whenever I eat meat because I’m well aware my roast beef used to be sentient. But with my combination of an eating disorder and autism-related gut problems, I did not do well on a vegetarian diet. I can’t digest nuts or beans well at all, so that didn’t leave me with many options for vegetarian protein. And plant-based iron supplements make me sick as a dog.

When I eat meat, I do so for the same reason that any predator does: to keep myself healthy and fed. I have no alterior motives behind it. And yes, I do believe in animal rights. And I do believe we need to really reform the unnecessarily cruel meat industry.

However, I also don’t believe in comparing eating meat to rape or the Holocaust. Those last two things are/were acts of pure cruelty and violence, whereas the first is just people doing what organisms are meant to do: feed themselves.