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I just saw someone complain about how burgers taste like shit. and im gonna be honest, I actually thought it was impossible for someone to dislike the taste of burgers. I thought it was just one of those things that was universally loved…. even vegans try to make burgers outta non-meat materials – even vegans know. im really feeling a lot of emotions right now 

Ughh, I really, really hate how my parents always low key assume that whenever I’m sick it’s because I’m vegan. Like, yes I have been a little more sick in the past 2 years since I’ve been vegan. Probably. But that could be for any other fucking reason. Like how does eating a dead cow prevent me from getting bronchitis? Idk, but I just hate that I’m basically forced to hide whenever I have something because they always want to connect it to my diet. Like, at very low points I even start to believe it myself and I hate it.

nureality108: This was a really fkn cool time for me. People asked me everyday for 6 months why I shaved my head and I could feel them holding their breath, afraid of the answer. Like I had to have had some kind of mental breakdown to do something “so drastic”. But it was the opposite. I had a break THROUGH. People said they’d rather do the unthinkable than something like this 😞😧 And it’s not everyone’s path, but I could never love myself when I was chasing beauty. I was never satisfied.
Detachment introduced itself to me first with food (paleo 👉🏼 veg 👉🏼 sugar free 👉🏼 vegan), then material belongings and finally “who I think I am”. Are we really our name? Our personality? Our profession? Our image? What is identity anyway?
Shaving my head was a goal I put so far into the future, thinking at 35 I would be at peace enough with myself (???) but waiting for the “future me” felt like a delusion, so I reached out and grabbed her. I never had high self esteem. And it makes it worse when people say why? It just is and you just are. Maybe it’s part of your life contract, your DNA, your energetic disposition. But my challenges are my gifts. Divinely designed to kick my ass and help me level up. So are yours! -
If I’d never been so afraid of people judging me, and had countless numbers of people’s fear & conditioning projected on me, I would never have written our lyrics, made my speeches or ran our workshops. -
Image controlled me. Then I realised there is no such thing as control. I don’t really know what you call the expression on my face but it feels raw to me. Thanks for reading ❤❤❤❤

Sneak Peek: XO Series Finale - Part 11.4 “Superpower” - Summer

Everything for Madeline’s wedding had been kept top secret. So afraid of helicopters and photographers that they bought the air space above the Malibu winery she was getting married in so that no photographers could hover without facing serious legal penalties. What she was going to wear was all any magazine or online media source could talk about. She bounced on her heels in her cream silk robe as she checked out the window for the hundredth time to make sure the air above her ceremony space was clear.

“I’m about to crush up Xanax and put it in your orange juice,” Ollie threatened from his perch on the couch where he sat watching his sister make him nervous.

“I just hate those bloody vultures,” she complained, huffing and leaving the window to flop down on the couch into the crook of her brothers arm. Oliver was twenty-nine years old and establishing himself in the fashion world. He’d gone to design school, shadowed top designers and was finally releasing his first line of dresses, shoes and handbags all made from vegan and eco-friendly materials. His hair had never fully darkened, staying in it’s sunny brunette hue he’d had since he was six. He kept it in a romantic swept back style. His constant tan bringing out the green eyes he shared with his siblings and both parents. He was absolutely beautiful and easily could have modeled but refused to be the mannequin. He wanted to dress the models not be them.

“Are you doing okay, little sis?” Ollie checked, pushing her darker brown hair back behind her ear. She wrapped her arms around her brothers slim waist and pressed her cheek to his chest, letting him cuddle her up and kiss the top of her head.

“I’m just worried about Daddy,” she admitted, her heart heavy.

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A Love Letter to The Great and Delicious Tempe

So, there’s a petition to make tempe into an Indonesian cultural heritage.

People might laugh at this and joke about it or whatever, but I’m gonna be serious, y’all. Tempe is an important part of Indonesian culture. You know the one thing the my family missed the most when we first moved out of Indonesia? Tempe. We didn’t even anticipate it! We had taken it for granted and we didn’t realize how unique tempe was to Indonesia. No other cultures have it. Everyone has some form of fried rice, some form of satay, some form of curry. No one has tempe but Indonesia.

One thing that I was very surprised about when I first started college in the US was the fact that tempe is a gourmet food here. I didn’t even think I’d ever get to eat tempe here, let alone see it in organic supermarkets. And that’s exactly where you’d find tempe here–places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Kroger Signature. Tempe is a vegan power food here; it is elite and expensive and organic and packaged nicely in a vacuumed bag. I’ve scrolled through numerous vegan and vegetarian food blogs that rave about the power of tempe (or “tempeh”, as Americans like to spell it).

What I found absolutely disappointing was the fact that none of these food blogs and none of the packaging labels ever mention that tempe is from Indonesia. My roommate is Californian, and therefore she is extremely well-versed in organic and vegan food materials. Though she never tried it, she knew what tempe was. But she didn’t know that it was of Indonesian origin until I told her as I freaked out over seeing tempe being used in vegetarian chili at the school cafeteria. She tried it at the cafeteria and didn’t like it, so when she decided a few months ago that she was going to go vegetarian, I bought a package of tempe and cooked it for her Indonesian style. And she loved it. She is now absolutely obsessed with it–every time we go grocery shopping, tempe is always on top of the list. I’m so proud of this simple, healthy food from my home country. I’m also equally as sad about white, upper-class vegans consuming it steamed (everyone knows tempe is best fried, I mean, come on) without being aware of its humble Southeast Asian origins.

I am fully in support of naming tempe a cultural heritage of Indonesia. UNESCO, please get on it so I can see the label “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” stamped on those vacuumed packages of tempe in Whole Foods.



Crossover Headcanons

At my friend’s suggestion, here are some headcanons about Grover meeting Blitz and Hearth.

-They meet when Grover attends a conservation event in Boston. His nose had been driving him crazy all day with foreign magic.

-Blitz notices him first, his horns visible through the Mist.

-They approach each other warily, able to sense the foreignness of each other.

-Just as Grover began reaching for reed pipes, and Hearth’s fingers twitched over his runes, they spotted Annabeth, pulling a reluctant Magnus behind her.

-The two demigods stopped dead when they saw the potential standoff, but Grover ran over to Annabeth and caught her in a hug.

-Magnus asked Annabeth who the satyr was when he saw the wariness around his family’s eyes.

-After introducing him as Grover, Magnus was impressed by the brave dude who had been engaged to a cyclops and found the last of the Wild.

-After some explaining and introducing all around, the cousins had excused themselves, leaving their inhuman companions alone once more.

-Blitz grunted something about Magnus being the superior demigod, and Norse mythology being better.

-Grover fumbled, disbelief on his face. He had fun recounting all of Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia’s feats.

-Blitz and Hearth countered by boasting about Samirah.

-In the end, though, the trio became friends. Grover was impressed by alf seidr, and Hearth was impressed by his reed magic. They got to chatting, and eventually Blitz offered for him to swing by his new shop, maybe get an armored outfit that wouldn’t make him look like a homeless hippie. Grover consented, as long as the materials were vegan.

-After that, every time the trio bumped into each other, they would have long chats and brag about their demigods.


I threw together a spontaneous “Warrior Woman” outfit today and I am really so pleased with how it worked out that I think this is going to be a project that I will be working on for a while!! I don’t think I will have the time to finish it by the end of this season…and I really should be working on renaissance faire costumes, but hopefully it will look infinitely more badass by next winter ;)

instagram: meneldea

(This outfit was made using all vegan materials. Also it isn’t even remotely historically accurate nor was it an attempt to be…..but then again I make fantasy costumes so I can do whatever I want heh)

Shop my closet so I can make some $ after cancer diagnosis

Since I have to take an 8-9 month SW hiatus, my income will take a huge hit and I have expenses :( 

I figure many cannot afford to donate, BUT may want to purchase some of my cute spring/summer clothing for cheap, win win! Some are items that I likely won’t be able to wear after my surgeries, and they are all adorable.

Everything is in good condition (like what you would find at Buffalo, Crossroads, etc) and I can standard ship anywhere in the U.S for $5. EVERYTHING IS $15 each OR 2/$20! 

1. Two sleeveless floral mini-dresses, sizes XS. (fit probably 0-4) Colorful with black background. Fit-and-flare silhouette. Cotton blend. One is new, one is 80s vintage. 

2. One medium sized peach/coral colored purse, with gold colored metal buckle closure, long over the shoulder strap, & two inner pockets, from LF. Vegan faux leather material

3. One lightweight cotton cardigan from Madewell. Size Medium. (fits probably 2-8) Bright pink with white polka-dots. V neck, metal buttons. 

4. One royal blue, sweetheart neckline, short satin cocktail dress from Arden B. Zip closure. Fitted/straight silhouette. Size Medium (fits probably 2-4)

5. One light, flowy wrap-tie dress from Varga, green with cream colored flowers, short, size Medium (fits probably 4-8). 

Let me know the item you are interested in and I will post photos AND specific measurements if I get enough interest. Payment via paypal. Can ship on Friday.

Please reblog! 

Customizable Easy Fried Rice

This is one of my favorite meals, especially when I’m low on cash. You can add any number of mix-ins or customize your veggies, which is why it’s great—you can eat the same thing a few weeks in a row but have it be a different dish every time. It makes enough for two decently hungry people, one ravenous person, or one manageable portion plus a hearty leftover meal. It can be customized to be egg-free/vegan-friendly!


  • Rice cooker or small pot for rice
  • Large frying pan with higher walls to reduce mess—one time I made it at my boyfriend’s house and used his roommate’s wok! Alternatives: break into a hibachi place and use the hibachi. [Don’t do that.]
  • I like to use a square-ended wooden spoon to stir things.

Ingredients [bold are required]:

  • 1 cup uncooked rice. I use sushi rice which I buy in bulk!
  • A few tablespoons of sesame oil. I’ve only ever used sesame oil [it adds great flavor], but light olive oil would probably do in a pinch!
  • About ¼ cup soy sauce
  • 1 egg or appropriate substitute—I’ve read about people using scrambled tofu, but have never tried it.
  • About 1 cup of at least one vegetable—A large bag of frozen peas & carrots lasts me four or five recipe’s worth. Frozen is cheaper, more seasonably available, and and eliminates chopping!


  • ½-1 medium onion, depending on your preference, chopped. 
  • Two cloves garlic
  • ½-1 cup sliced white or oyster mushrooms 
  • 2 cups of chopped and cooked chicken breast, tiny shrimp, 
  • Roasted cashews or peanuts
  • Chopped green onion
  • Turmeric, curry powder, or other spices


  1. Pre-cook your rice and meat, if you’re using it. Follow package instructions. It’s ok if things get cold because you’re going to heat them up again, so set them off to the side. This is a great dish for day-old leftover rice!
  2. Pour your oil in your frying pan and begin to warm it up. Now is the time to add garlic, onion, and your veggies [minus green onions, if you’re using]. Stir things around until you can’t see ice on your veggies, or until your onions caramelize a bit.
  3. Add the cooked rice, soy sauce, and optional meat. Crack the egg on top of the rice and start stirring, making sure to get egg on as much of the rice as possible
  4. Cook everything for a few minutes, stirring constantly. the rice will turn a lovely golden color, and once you stop seeing raw egg [it’ll still be wet, but won’t be runny], you’re ready to eat!