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5 Ways to have the BEST Pamper Day... EVER!

1. Get some good music going!

With some great music playing, you’re destined to be in way better mood. Personally, my playlist would include Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Portugal the Man, Twenty Pilots, One Direction, and Queen B

2. Drink gallons of water!

Water hydrates your skin like no other, and works wonders for your body, by having 1 or 2 in your room at all time will push you to drink it and be hydrated. Drinking water also prevents you from getting sick because it flushes all the bad bacteria out of your body. SO DRINK WATER!

3. Shut off your phone

I know, I know, its impossible, but this actually allows your mind to be more focused and care more about yourself. This allows more me time and gets rid of a lot of stress and worry in your life. Personally, I shut off my pone for 1 hour everyday and this allows me to be more cautious of myself and enjoy whats out there in this amazing world. 

4. Do what makes you happy!

My happy place is whenever I’m writing. I have a journal filled with tons of ideas for blogs, stories, doodles, whatever pops into my head! This makes my day 10x better because it wards off all the stress and worry I have about school friends and all that stuff. So be happy and do what makes you relax; whether its reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, singing, playing an instrument, hanging out with friends, whatever, it truly makes your day 10x better by setting more time aside for you and putting a genuine smile on your face.

5. Face and hair masks!

After a long week, or two weeks is a lot on your skin and hair. Every pamper day I have I always use bananas. Eating them gives you acids in your body that kills bad bacteria and cleans your insides (along with other fruits and vegetables). Bananas are actually very hydrating. I usually put banana in my hair, wash it with cold water and BAM my hair is super soft and amazing.I also put it on my face. I leave it on my face after exfoliating, wait for it to harden and gently rise with cold water, moisturize (reblog for my top 10 face lotions) and now you can toe to toe with a baby… easily. 

You should have a pamper day every 1-2 weeks depending on stress. Having these days allows your body to catch up and for you not to go clinically insane. I love you all, but shut off your phone, take a warms bath, put on music and a face mask and good bye :) 

– Kaitlyn

Welcome to my blog! This is me. I’m Sara, a vegan of three years and makeup enthusiast. I remember when I first went vegan how hard it was for me to find UK based vegan makeup so I thought I’d use the knowledge I’ve now acquired to make a blog! Expect tips, hauls and reviews of some of my favourite cosmetics. If you have any questions, ask away!


On my Instagram account @Cruelty_Free_Cosmetics I am posting love themed Makeup Of The Day photos inspired by Valentine’s Day & Galentine’s day! Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out!
February Wishlist
Hey guys! So I usually post on products that I have already tried but you know what, I wanted to write about products that I want to try, this is my nearby wishlist. These products are usually hype...

I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of tomorrow’s “this just in” video today on Instagram! First up is this lovely package from @ilovepacifica! 😍💜 They’re a 100% vegan & cruelty-free brand with natural, beautiful products! From their lotions & scents to cosmetics, you really can’t go wrong… holy grail items left and right! 🙌🏼👌🏼

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My clean & cruelty free makeup of the day! 😍

💖Elate Clean Cosmetics mascara

💖Red Apple Lipstick Z-Palette eye shadows & Sweat Pea lipstick

💖Gabriel Cosmetics Moisturizing Liquid Foundation in Pale Ivory

💖100 Percent Pure Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eyeliner (Get 20% off with promo code “5STAR”)

💖Crazy Rumors Leaping Bunny lip balm

💖Pacifica Tunisian Jasmin Lime perfume (This is currently their scent of the month and you can get the value collection for only $30!)

Lifestyle Inspiration
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Before trying to adopt a healthier, more active and generally more positive lifestyle, I used to spend hours on YouTube, Instagram and blogs looking for inspiration and tips on how to succeed. Even now that I have made changes, I still love doing this, so thought I would share with you the people and blogs that have helped me along the way.

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100 Percent Pure’s posting of FashionChicsta’s #NoFilter swatches of the new Lip Caramel Lipsticks on Instagram has inspired me to post my own! Here s Ganache! I will be posting a few more swatches on my Instagram, so be sure you’re following so you don’t miss them!

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