vegan mac 'n cheese



Sweet chili tofu poke burrito; brown rice veggie sushi, veggie dumplings, cauliflower mac n cheese; tofu scramble, ten veggies patty, chik’n nuggies; pad thai with veggie beef; pad thai with veggie shrimp; pad woon sen; green curry with veggie beef and rice



🧀Healthy Mac n Cheese🧀 

Tried a new vegan mac n cheese recipe 😎 I wish I could’ve gotten a better picture of this but I didn’t expect it turn out so good hahaha The “cheese” sauce is made from four smallish or medium potatoes peeled, cut into large cubes, boiled, drained when super soft, and blended in a food processor with 3 or 4 tbsp of nutritional yeast, ½ to 1 tsp of paprika, a tsp of salt and pepper, about 1/3 cup plain almond milk. If it’s too thick, add some water, I ended up adding a little more than ¼ cup. Pour over macaroni noodles and you get this masterpiece 😋 my dad even approves of this!!!

Hamilton Characters as Things People Have Said at my School

Alexander- Fuck you for telling me it wouldn’t work and fuck me for not listening
Burr- I need to cuddle with a knife… In my spleen.
Laurens- I get scared whenever I see a vagina
Lafayette- Bad and naughty nobles are put in the shame guillotine to atone for their sins.
Hercules- Height of an arse giant
Angelica- My OxyClean™ vagina
Eliza- I saw the future kirby, it was not pretty
Peggy- Y'all think I’m gettin nudes but nah. I am gettin the pussy. Pussy cat that is.
Seabury- Do you hear the children of the granola?
King George III- George Washington is garlic
Washington- We jwalk as a family
Jefferson- Ive tried vegan mac n cheese, Ive tried vegan EVERYTHING
Madison- I need you to bake me another delicious drug breakfast
Maria- I’m gonna kick society in the balls
Philip- *very quietly* pow pow motherfucker

↠Childhood Meal Pizza🍕↞ You don’t need a shitty pizza chain when you and your bff can make an awesome pizza…Mac n cheese pizza w/ hot dog stuffed crust. @followyourheart cheddar shreds & @fieldroast original chao cheese for the cheese sauce. @the_tofurky_company Hot dogs. @traderjoesgrocery Crust with cornmeal. Sriracha ketchup and peas. PIZZA HUH?!


Bacon-Wrapped Mac and Cheese

🍅🌶😍🤤So what’s the first meal I go for when I get back form my foray to Canada🍁? A cheap as hell can on Lidl Tuscan bean soup and. A slice of toasty soda bread of course haha! 😅
Hey (what can I say) after experiencing the daylight robbery that is wholefoods for the past week my little heart yearned for something warm and tasty that costs less than 50p 😜
Having said that I did smuggle 5 boxes of diaya deluxe mac n cheese 🧀 😬