vegan luke


5sos goes vegan and gets their entire fanbase to go vegan. Millions of animals lives are saved. Millions of acres of rainforest are saved. The world takes one huge step in the right direction.

You and Luke becoming vegans:

- “Luke you can’t eat that.”
- Him always forgetting and you always reminding him.
- “Yes Luke, chicken wings are meat.”
- “Luke you forgot again.”
- Lot’s of research
- “I’m buying vegan cookies, like, 37292 of them.”
- Having deep conversations about what being vegan means
- “Our kids should be vegan too”
- “Luke you’re 19”
- Trying new foods in different cities
- Trying to get other boys to try as well
- Him being really content bc you’re doing this together
- “I’m gonna lose weight, I’m gonna be so fit”
- “Not if you don’t stop eating those cookies.”
I’m not vegan, but after I settle down, I would love to try! Let me know what you think!