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Legends of the Fall Fruit Salad.

Seasonality gets confused in the heat of Southern California, and summer tends to shamelessly bleed its way into both spring and fall. This year has been an especially slow fade into cooler climes, making it difficult to ease into the foods I associate with fall.

My nostalgia is craving roasted squashes, soups, and scarves. My body wants popsicles and watermelon. This fruit salad straddles middle ground, fulfilling my desire for fall flavor and my need to stay cool.

Read more, and get the Legends of the Fall Fruit Salad recipe, right here.

Lil throwback~ Before: July 2014. Pre-vegan days. Two months post grad, at my heaviest, plenty of drinking, fast food af, etc etc. After: October 2016. 85 pounds lighter, 2 years & 3 months of being vegan, class-pass hopping around los angeles, cooking for 30 women on a weekend yoga retreat in Joshua Tree, finally believing everything is going to be okay.


My current household lol. ‘The melancholic vegan’ with her daughter. They are such fun to play.
After a nasty breakup with Isla’s father, Song-Alison moved to LA and was able to buy a small house at the beach thanks to her bohemian sister.
There’s a small vegetable patch near the house. Song-Alison’s diet must not contain protein, eggs or milk. I love that challenge.
Song isn’t to fond of people so I have her neighbors drop by uninvited by using Nraas MC. She hates it. She loves spending time at her sister’s place though.