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Think I definitely need to get my hands on a new camera so I can learn to take better close up pics 🙈 But I loved yesterday’s makeup, including a pink lip (Bauhaus by Kat Von D Beauty) which I hardly ever seem to go for any more 💄

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hello I've been looking everywhere for good vegan matte lipsticks and the two brands I've tried have been atrocious, do you have any recommendations?

Hello! I have two recommendations! (it’s not letting me link them)

1. Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks - purchased from
Affordable, pigmented (opaque after two swipes), beautiful colours and long-lasting! I’ve done a review of 3 of them previously and have purchased 5 more since. 

2. Aromi Beauty - Liquid To Matte Lipsticks.
A little more expensive but once they go on, they do not come off! I have two colours and I wore one to a wedding and it didn’t budge the entire afternoon/night plus they are not drying especially compared to other brands of this type. Definitely worth checking out, they’re my new favourite!



Hey ya’ll!
So recently I’ve been working with a start-up makeup and skin-care company called Shae Face and Body. They’re products are all hand-made with natural, organic, vegan products and are free of parabens and phthalates (AKA yucky chemicals that are horrible for you). It also has no soy, tree-nuts, or gluten for those of you who are allergic.

So, I’ve been wearing their products for about 2 months now and I absolutely adore them. They make a lipstick that is to die for!! It’s a cream matte that doesn’t smudge when you take a sip of coffee or bite into a sammy. I usually don’t wear makeup because it’s so messy but this stuff is amazing. I love love LOVE that it doesn’t smudge. They also make a killer deodorant that smells Divine. I have the lavender-lemongrass scent but there are others as well.
The moisturizer leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed all day! And the finishing power is the perfect companion - I put it on my face in the morning and it gets rid of any shine!! My face is naturally greasier than most so the finishing powder is a godsend. They also make a soothing chapstick that is the perfect companion for this dry winter weather.

You can see above pics of their products as well as me rockin the lipsticks 💄💋

What seals the deal for me is that this company is run by an amazing GenderQueer person that has made it their mission to make quality products without using harmful chemicals or unethical production methods. They also want the company to be for anyone and everyone who is interested in makeup and skincare products, not just women and girls. This is a company that strives to be all-inclusive!! Perfect for the conscious consumer.

Check them out on Instagram @shaefaceandbody as well as twitter and Facebook.
If you’re interested in their products they sell them at:

I 10/10 recommend

To set the scene: I’m alone in a cafe. I’m propped up on my knees, in my booth, bent over the bullet journal on the table. I have my headphones in and am animatedly drawing (see what I did there??) and occasionally sit-dancing. I’m interrupted when a man comes up to me and says simply that I ‘have very intelligent eyes.’
I thanked him, and he walked away and I was flattered but: Why did I immediately connect intelligent eyes to ‘shrewd’ or ‘calculating’?
I’m a motherfucking coffee shop assassin with eyes that could kill.