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I swear, Andy wears that same greenish jacket every. single. day. What happened to his rock 'n roll style with leather (theres vegan leather BTW), jeans, etc. He looks so weird and sad. It's almost not even the same person. Where's Andy? Where did he go?

I was the anon that said he wears the greenish jacket, I want to change that to overall conservative, blah, normal clothing. 

It’s sad. He dresses like every other guy in world now. -N

made some faux (vegan) leather patches with the chronic illness theme, now up on the patch section of my shop~~~always proud to be a spoonie! 

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❀10% of all shop sales go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Look great and support a great cause!❀

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 10.1.15

theme thursday: happy birthday katherine!!

cross-body vegan leather purse by hellovioleta

one last birthday find for my twin sister katherine — this cross-body bag has been on her list forEVer. it’s totally her: blue and indigo with neutral touches for everyday use. i love this bag, hellovioleta, and i love eu, katherine! happy happy birthday! <3