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The time has come for me to make a new post regarding all the new information on the zine. I’m surprised/thankful for your positive response and also very grateful for the artists and writers that decided to collaborate (which I will tag in this post). As you know, the general topics the zine will contain are:

  • Feminism/intersectionality
  • Latinx experience/culture
  • Environmentalism/veganism

We have decided that the first issue (to be published on the first week of october) will talk about the importance of being involved in social transformation and informed on the conflicts of the world and your community besides the regular topics mentioned above. In my submission box there are guidelines to orient you if you wish to collaborate. The due date for all collaborations is august 27th! 

We have recieved questions like: 

1) Will the zine be distributed physically or online?

Both ways, the zine will have hand-made art in each copy, which will be scanned and then published online besides the physical distributing.

2) What should my piece be about?

For us, the more unique, the better. Try sending something about an opinion or experience that YOU have on any of these topics. The art and writing can be explicit, abstract, poetic, informative, argumentative, the sky is the limit! 

3) Who is we?

The zine’s coordinators are all young, feminist latinas (and friends); we are: cocoamoxoa​ (Em), preirene (Irene), and me alienbull (Pau)!

4) Do you have an email we can contact you through?

We do! It’s

5) Do you have a blog?

We have a brand new blog we are working on, we accept suggestions! The URL is: pitahaya-z 

6) Does the zine have a name?

Yes! The zine’s name is ‘Pitahaya’, which is part of the Pitahaya Project.

And now, for the list of people who will be featured in the first issue:

My email will be sent to whomever needs it to communicate with me. We are very passionate about this project and we’re sure the final product with all of your collaborations will be fantastic (:

First photo: extremely unhappy with myself and my surroundings. I hated my body and my hair and my skin. I was denying myself singing and music and writing. I woke up and hated my days and my life. Everything was awful. I laid in bed for hours and did nothing. I started drinking and using drugs recreationally. It was the worst of times.

Second photo: I weigh 50 pounds less. I am sober. I let go of my anger and resentment towards others and best of all myself. I am living out my dream of recording music. I exercise and run on the beach. I am constantly driving all over LA. I count my blessings everyday. I meditate. I breathe. I write and sing whenever I can to whoever I can. I am vegan and proud of it. I am so happy and content with my life and myself.