vegan kiwi

Happy Friday 🤗 I slept in late today until 11:30. 😱 I guess I needed it!

Today my breakfast is cinnamon oatmeal topped with banana, kiwi, frozen berries, PB2 powdered peanut butter, cacao nibs and chia seeds.

I get asked about the kiwi skins often. 😂 Yes, I eat the skins. If the kiwi is ripe, the skin is very thin so it doesn’t bother me. I eat it because I can’t be bothered removing it and I don’t want to waste any of the kiwi.

via IG @choosingchia

Acai Bowl

  • Smoothie: 1 small frozen banana, ½ cup blueberries, 1 tsp @organicburst acai powder, ½ cup-1 cup almond milk (depending how thick you want it), Juice ½ lime, 1 tsp ground flax - Blend together in a high speed blender or food processor
  • Toppings: fresh berries, coconut and more acai powder!

Happy Wednesday 🌞 You know what that means: a new video on my YouTube channel! 😅 It’s uploading right now so it will be ready in a few hours. I explain why I cut my hair from long to a buzz cut. 😉 Just some things for you to consider!
For breakfast today I have cinnamon oatmeal with kiwi, plum, frozen blueberries, flat peach, coconut and chia seeds. Flat (or donut) peaches are very sweet but they tend to go off quickly! I keep them in the fridge now so they don’t get moldy, and I try to eat them right away.
I hope you have a good Wednesday. 🤗

So I made bananbread for the first time ever and it turned out sooo good! I used the recipe from @livshealthylife ’s YouTube channel (the chocolate chip one but I didn’t have any chocolate chips at home so I used cranberries instead). 😊❤🍌🍞🌹