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Gardein Rant

So Pinnacle foods (which makes most of its sales from TV dinners like Hungryman and various frozen fish brands) bought out Gardein back in 2014, and perhaps at the worst time of all - 2016 has been pretty much the shittiest year for everyone I know - they’re finally making major changes to the company. 

Most people have already heard the sad news, but Gardein is discontinuing 17 different products in Canada starting 2017. The only Gardein products that will be restocked in Canada next year are the Beefless Ground, Fish Filets, Mandarin Orange Chicken and 7 Grain Tenders. 

And if you missed the update, not only are they pulling out 17 different products from Canada (some of which might also be discontinued within the US, but they haven’t said which yet - only that “this will affect the US as well”), they’re planning on introducing a 12.5% price increase on the remaining products come next February - an increase that will likely be seen in both countries.

In which case… OK, correct me if I’m wrong. but Gardein is THE best selling meat alternative brand in Canada. It’s in over 22,000 grocery stores and I don’t know a single person who avoids meat and DOESN’T love Gardein. Some of my friends would marry Gardein if they were a person. The original CEO reported that they pulled in 100 MILLION dollars in sales every year. Every news source has reported a gradual but prevalent decrease in consumer interest towards meat and dairy in general. And those companies have even come out with their own animal-free alternatives in response to this, like when Hellman’s introduced a vegan mayo after their recent embarrassing hissy-fit with Hampton Creek about what constituted as “mayonnaise”.

So why the Fishless fuck is their parent company claiming they need to increase prices and discontinue 80% of their products in order to “balance sustainability” of the brand? To me, this just seems like a meat-based food conglomerate once again realizing that the plant-based market is growing, using their millions to buy out the competition, and then SHRINKING that competition in hopes that consumers will go back to eating animals.

When are they going to realize that the plant-based market is going to continue growing no matter how many brands they cripple? Meat production supergiants keep treating meat-alternative companies as if they’re simply part of a health food trend instead of a huge consumer shift away from animal products. It’s getting harder and harder to find companies out there stocking vegan food up in supermarkets because meat producers are getting salty that it sells, and are willing to increase prices exponentially to kill the meat analogue market.

I guess I’m mostly angry because I was really hoping the CLEAR increase in demand for vegan and vegetarian foods would result in a gradual decrease in cost across the board. Being interested in meat free alternatives doesn’t mean you’re middle class. If you’re like me, you’re a poor as fuck vegan, and it’s really easy to get your jimmies rustled when people assume you will - or even can - pay more just because you have ethical boundaries on what you’re willing to eat.

TL;DR - your meat free foods are gonna cost about a dollar more because meat producers are butthurt, and I think it’s kind of shitty.


Ok, let me explain something to yall, this here ^^^ was everything. It was beautiful, a work of flavorful art. It’s a vegan chicken cheese steak sandwich with my favorite side combination, fries and mac and cheese. I used Gardein chicken nuggets, daiya cheese, and some marinara sauce all on nice toasted french bread and it was lovely. All in all I got 4 sandwiches worth of food when I whipped everything up and I can’t wait to do this again!

We Bet You Can't Tell Which of These Is Real Meat

Meat comes in all forms. Can you tell the difference between the “real” thing and the animal-friendly version? (Answers at bottom)

Gotcha!! They’re all 100 percent vegan!

From ruthlessly slaughtering billions of animals to threatening endangered species and destroying the Amazon rainforest, the meat industry is awful.

Luckily, we can all make a big difference for animals and the planet simply by substituting meat with these healthy and humane vegan options!

(ANSWERS: 1. Vegetarian Plus Sesame Beef 2. Gardein Crispy Tenders 3. Tofurky Deli Slices 4. Beyond Chicken Strips 5. Field Roast Burger 6. Vegetarian Plus Half Chicken 7. Field Roast Frankfurter 8. Vegetarian Plus Orange Chicken 9. Gardein Fishless Filets 10. Vegetarian Plus Ham)


I tried them……!!! Shout out to @questforvegan for posting about these and bringing to my attention that they existed. I appreciate you!

I went to Giant looking for these and found front in center in the vegan freezer section! Clearly excited I planned to eat some for breakfast; 3 to be exact cuz I do what I want. But anyway I baked these in my toaster oven on 350 for about 28 minutes. Like some of the comments I read, Idk what these these cooking instructions are talking about. I took them out and while they were crispy on the outside; I broke one in half and found the inside lukewarm at best with unmelted cheese…. So I put them in the microwave for a few seconds to get them nice and hot on the inside.

Also, like I had read, I agree that they’re a bit watery for no reason. I assume it’s the sauce? I think maybe they should tweak that but I actually did enjoy these. I enjoyed them more and more as I ate them. When I eat new stuff I like to make mental notes and then come back with a complete thought on whether I’d eat it again. It’s weird but I never eat anything and declare whether or not I like it without finishing it first. Idk that’s just how I eat. But when I was done I came to the conclusion that I did, in fact, enjoy them and would buy them again.

No they’re not perfect, nor are they the best pizza pockets ever (Tofurky definitely has them beat, and actually, so do I. My homemade ones are better lol) but I liked them and I like convenience food so I see a lot of these in my future.

The local “natural foods” store was having a huge sale on a bunch of their faux meat and cheese, so I stocked up on a few things. Pretty much everything was half off. It’s especially a rare treat for me to have something like Daiya cheese. 

So I made this amazing sandwhich! It’s Gardein nuggets, Yves salami, Daiya pepperjack, Just Ranch, spicy mustard, finely shredded cabbage, garlic, red pepper, and red wine vinegar on toasted sourdough. It was so ridiculously good! 

Sorry for the crap quality. Still don’t have a good camera yet. 


Since Gardein is an ongoing theme for the day and because I have oh so many pictures that I’ve never posted I present these gems. Gardein meatballs are life. I genuinely enjoy these with ever fiber of my Black vegan being. I personally was not a fan of meatball subs before going vegan all those years ago but somewhere along the way I thought this would be a good idea. And it is, every single time! Haven’t had one of these jonts in months!


More Simply Asia noodles. There’s a new supermarket in my general area and they sell a lot of new vegan stuff (new to me anyway). These ‘crabcake’ bites are one of those new things! I like them better in the noodles than I do by themselves but they are good regardless. Last time I had them I smothered them in old bay, I’m a product of Maryland so of course.