vegan friendly candles

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I burn candles almost all year, especially this time of year when the fall candles come back out, but sometimes I have a hard time telling if a candle is vegan friendly or not. I get these great, large candles that are surprisingly cheap from a local craft store and I've tried to look them up but I can't find any concrete information on their wax. If a candle is really big while also being very cheap is it safe to assume that it's vegan? It's more expensive to make candles with beeswax right?

Hm. you’re right about beeswax candles being the more expensive wax and a lot of the time they come unscented, scented will be more. Paraffin wax is the cheapest, and vegan friendly. If you’re getting candles that large for super cheap it’s probably either praffin or soy. Especially if you can’t even find anything about the brand it’s probably very cheaply made. Of course there’s no way for me to know though!

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Are the everyday candles you can get at the store (like Yankee Candles) vegan friendly? I love burning autumn and winter candles all year round so I was wondering if I could still do that when I become a vegan?? This would not in any way keep me from going vegan of course, just curious.

Actually yes Yankee is fine, they use paraffin wax, not sure if they still make beeswax blends, so I’d ask or check, but most are fine. They don’t test either according to this article. If you want cheaper options, target sells soy ones for a couple of dollars and they smell really good, I’m a hugeeee candle person I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Looks like this (one of my favorite ones), brand is signature soy I believe. Soy candles are everywhere, you realize when you have to actually see what they’re made of haha.