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I’ve written a lot about holiday traditions—and lack thereof—in the previous weeks. I’ve written about creating rituals that sustain and hearten, and how the absence of such rituals can be particularly difficult in times of celebration and gathering. We all want, at the end of the day, to feel held, embraced, buoyed by the people around us, and the beauty we share with those people. But, increasingly, we live far from family, and often even farther from places that really feel like home. I’m still not sure Los Angeles feels like home to me, but, more than ever before, I want it to.

My list of New Year’s resolutions reads more like a home improvement to-do list than a set of self-improvement goals. I’m fine with my diet, but my walls need art, my closets need cleaning, my storage system needs reorganizing, my kitchen needs a major overhaul. Perhaps it’s because my publisher just sent the Kale & Caramel cookbook off to the printer in China and I’m already itching for the next thing, but I’m deeply interested in nesting right now. Nesting, and making homemade holiday gifts, that is.

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🍋 *introduction*

~ i’m 14 

~ i’m a freshman

~ hufflepuff (even tho i like hate harry potter)

~ i live in chicago and apparently have a really thicc accent but i can’t hear it?

~ i’m currently learning portuguese and asl

~ i’ve been learning french for fun since i was 8ish?

🍋 *classes*

~ french 2 honors (highest a freshman can take at my school but its too easy and i’m dead)

~ theater

~ honors global studies

~ geometry b

~ biology

~ AP english

🍋 *interests*

~ musicals


~ andrew rannels

~connor murphy

~ wait oops

~ reading

~ hand-lettering (ik i suck but i’m trying)

~ accidentally vegan food (srsly god’s gift to vegans)

🍋 *inspos*

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The weather has been rather unkind these days, and there were more days than one when I wished so badly for some hot chocolate. So the cold weather was what inspired my Christmas presents this year - hot chocolate kits!

When I saw thecakebar’s post on snowman marshmallow, I thought that it’ll be a perfect addition to the hot chocolate kit. It’s really quite simple too, though I must admit I got really lazy drawing the mini snowman faces after a while, especially when I had a battalion to make. I also made chocolate stirrers, but packed in store-bought gingersnap cookies because making snowman minions exhaust me.

Nonetheless, I’m finally done with my homemade Christmas presents, and I’m quite pleased with them. Had one myself with a peppermint candy cane stirred in, and topped with coconut whipped cream. Yum!

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

anonymous asked:

would you give your non vegan friends non vegan food gifts? cause I'd feel weird doing it but my mom said I shouldn't force anyone eating vegan food

That’s ridiculous.. HOPEFULLY non vegans are eating at least some vegan food. Like.. vegetables. Lol. Vegan food isn’t a punishment, it’s delicious.