hi im kati, and I like pickled red cabbage a lot. Once I learned the lazy way of making it I started to put it in everything because I love pickled stuff. So all you have to do is slice red cabbage and put it in a mason jar then top if off with this mixture: cup of vinegar, cup of water and a teaspoon of salt. I think some people also add sugar, and I added a little agave the second time around but don’t know if it made a difference. You can pretty much refrigerate for an hour and then eat it but the longer you leave it the more pickled it tastes. Bye. 

Cacao nib nanaicecream!

Recipe serves 2

6 frozen bananas
1 tbsp cacao nibs

Blend until creamy. Then add sliced strawberries.

Chocolate sauce:
1 tsp pure maple syrup
1 tbsp carob powder

Stir until the carob mixes in and the drizzle over nanaicecream.

Enjoy babes x